Shoplifters Cannot Resist Axe Body Spray

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Steal more, get more (for free).
Today Adweek has a helpful and revealing list of the items people steal from retailers the most. Apparently, we're a criminal lot, with one in 11 people stealing something he or she didn't pay for -- and 70 percent of shoplifters (most of whom are adults who also have jobs) saying they didn't plan to steal. As for the items most stolen, some are obvious (electronic gadgets), some are cinematic (luxury meats), and some are...surprising. Axe body spray?

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Mo Staches Mo Problems: A November Series on Facial Hair, Continued

We're hitting the tail end of Movember. After weeks of growth, each moustache is full and proud, like that of a walrus. We hit up the office of travel startup Wanderfly to check on their Movember team's progress. Guys at the company were encouraged to join by team captain Cezary Pietrzak, who said he "bullied everyone into participating." Cezary started a team for local startups, and also alerted us to this delightful chart on the trustworthiness of beards and moustaches. You can donate to the team here, and continue on for priceless quotes about magical 'mos.

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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Beard: A November Series on Facial Hair

The second week of November is upon us! And thus the fine gentlemen participating in Movember have developed their creepy facial hair even further. Moustaches that were once wisps reminiscent of an untweezed female upper lip are now patchy, pubescent and stubbly. We checked in with the guys at Practical Law's Midtown offices to see how their mo's were holding up.

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Novembeards and Movembers: A November Series on Facial Hair

No Shave Novembeard is upon us! Soon, the streets of New York will be filled with dudes growing out their stubble not just to look like attractive lumberjacks, but rather, to celebrate puns. There are also those growing moustaches for a cause: participants in Movember nobly grow moustaches to raise money for men's health causes. Each week, we plan on checking in with various New York guys to see how their beards and/or moustaches are faring. We kicked off our hairy series Tuesday night at men's online retailer Park and Bond's Movember party at barbershop/bar the Blind Barber. Several of Park and Bond's bearded employees got shaved to prep for their November moustaches. We checked in to see how their facial hair was faring.

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Movember: Shave Off Your Moustache (and Grow It Back) for Men's Health, Amusement

Today is November 1, which makes it the start of an annual movement in which men grow mustaches to help raise both money and awareness for men's health issues, a/k/a, Movember. "Mo" is slang for mustache in Australia, where the movement began when a small group of guys competed in a mustache challenge in 2003. In 2007, Movember came stateside with a dedicated full-time staff working year-round on the effort, and in 2010, 450,000 global participants raised $81 million for men's health causes by way of shaving, and then growing out, their facial hair for the month of November. On the kickoff of 2011's mustache-growing season, we talked to Donny Killian, Movember's U.S. country manager -- "a very proud 4-year Mo Bro" who shaved at one minute after midnight last night and again this morning. "It's been about 4 months since I've been clean-shaven," he told us.

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New York Declared Pretty Good City for Mustaches

Your mustache is calling.
Along with its numerous and evident charms that extend beyond the facial hair variety, New York is good with mustaches. The American Mustache Institute (yes!) has published the results of a two-year study on which cities people with mustaches would most feel comfortable residing. The methodology is extensive! First, the researchers created the AMI City Index to determine mustache-friendliness. They looked at employment (whether employers had "proven track records of hiring Mustached Americans" for example); transportation (motorcycles, monster trucks, and four-wheelers FTW); entertainment and sport (pluses for casinos, beaches, shooting ranges, skeet clubs, and pontoon boats); "culinary" (Miller Lite in restaurants, plus lots of Applebee's); and education (GEDs, community colleges, vocational schools).

Based on these criteria, AMI considered 100 U.S. municipalities through on-the-ground engagement, thousands of volumes of legal documents, relevant statistics, and U.S. Census data to identify the cities deemed most appreciative and supportive of the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle, as defined by AMI.

Chicago won. But New York came in eighth!

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Man Brushes Beard With Plastic Fork on New York City Subway; Civilian Puts It on YouTube

We are conflicted. Is this, as the poster says, funny? Is this, possibly, sad? Is this simply a gesture of good hygiene, or is it a gesture of poor hygiene, as food and beards do not go hand in hand, and this man does indeed seem to be brushing his beard with a plastic fork? Maybe a real fork would be more sturdy against tangles? Are plastic forks even environmentally responsible? Does it matter? As it's been a while since our last "this happened on the subway and was recorded by someone and put on YouTube," we feel it is in some strange way our duty to share this.

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Man Who Vowed to Grow Beard Until Osama Bin Laden Was Killed Finally Gets to Shave

This may be the only facial hair-related Osama Bin Laden story of the day (correct us if we're wrong!). Bin Laden's death had a singular meaning for an East Wenatchee, Washington, middle school science teacher named Gary Weddle. In the week that followed the September 11 attacks, Weddle simply forgot to shave. Then he vowed he wouldn't cut his beard until Bin Laden was either captured or proven dead, thinking it would only be a month or two until that happened. In the years that followed, he and his wife both really wanted that beard cut, but, as Weddle says, a vow is a vow. Finally, last night, they got their wish. It was not unemotional.

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Lindsay Lohan's Not-So-Secret Manicure Message Seems to Imply Distaste for the Justice System

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Ah, Lindsay. You were once just a wee ginger babe (although given what we know about Dina and Michael, probably never very innocent, not that we're blaming you for that). But now you're all grown up for real and making a mess of your life pretty much on your own, what with being unable to make it to those court-ordered booze ed classes (they're always scheduled at the most inopportune of times, aren't they?) and keeping cocaine in your shoes (sorry, that was just Gold Bond!). But it's good to see that you're not letting the man beat you down completely.

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