What Should You Actually Do When You Get a Rat in Your Wrap or a Frog In Your Salad?

Photo by Jack Buehrer, who didn't have lunch there
An out-the-door lunchtime line at Chop't on July 9, the day after the Rat Wrap story broke.
Another month, another soul-destroyingly disgusting foreign object in some poor unfortunate diner's food. On Tuesday, Gothamist brought us the story of the Rat Wrap, in which some anonymous guy at a law firm apparently ordered lunch delivered from Chop't on Pine Street in the Financial District and got an extra party favor, in the form of a whole damn rodent tucked away amongst the lettuce. (It looks like a mouse to us, but we'll bow to the alliterative superiority of the term "Rat Wrap.") Two of his colleagues tweeted about the incident, one with a stomach-turning photo, and RatGate was born.

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Staten Island's Cedar Grove Beach: Go For The Ocean Breeze, Stay For The Syringes

Categories: Gross
Just a day at the beach...
There's good news for intravenous drug abusers: there are free syringes washing up on the shores of New York City beaches.

This, of course, is bad news for the rest of us, who don't necessarily want to get poked with a potentially deadly needle while taking a stroll on the beach.

Last month, an NBC 4 New York investigation revealed that a stretch of Rockaway Beach in Queens was littered with medical waste. In response, the Parks Department vowed to clean up the city's beaches, which apparently didn't happen -- four people have suffered puncture wounds from syringes on city beaches in the last three weeks.

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