Protestors Reignited Their Call to Close Gitmo Friday in Front of Times Square Tourists

This morning in Times Square, about a hundred protesters -- some in orange jumpsuits and black hoods resembling the ones worn by detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp -- reignited their campaign to have President Obama close the camp.

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*UPDATE: Judge Allows Censor of Testimony* Censorship Ruling Expected at Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Military Tribunal Hearing

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Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
[UPDATE]: Testimony at the 9/11 military tribunal trial at Guantanamo Bay will be subject to censorship, according to court documents released yesterday.

Judge Col. James Pohl ruled last week that the testimony of the defendants, including alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, could contain information that will compromise its War on Terror.

Pohl will allow a forty-second audio-delay -- for the media and other observers -- to remain in place, and security officers will have the authority to muffle out any testimony they deem to be "classified."

"The Commission is acutely aware of its twin responsibilities of insuring the transparency
of the proceeding while at the same instance preserving the interests of national security," Pohl wrote in his decision released yesterday. "The brief delay is the least intrusive and least disruptive method of meeting both responsibilities."

The ACLU and a coalition of 14 major news organizations challenged the government's request to censor testimony from Mohammed and the other alleged perpetrators. The government filed its protective order amid concerns that the defendants might reveal information about their time at Guantanamo that could be detrimental to national security.

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