Your Commute Could Be Killing Your Marriage

Of all the factors that can lead to the dissolution of your wedded bliss -- think cheating, financial issues, falling out of love, "growing apart" -- the most stealthy and yet devastating may be (it's hard to even say it): HAVING A LONG COMMUTE. This comes to us by way of a Swedish study reported in the Daily Mail, which explains that people who commute have a 40 percent greater chance of ending up divorced. (Temper this with the divorce rate in general, and the fact that most people who work probably commute in some fashion. And that commuting tends to make people unhappy.) But what's the commuting/divorce connection, exactly?

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Maybe This Is Why Married People Want to Live Vicariously Through Their Single Friends

A groundbreaking new study has determined that the happiness of the person you are married to is linked to your own happiness, reports the Wall Street Journal. That means that if the person you're married to is always complaining and nagging and annoyed and depressed, you probably will be, too! And if the person you're married to is happy, well, it's up to you to bring them down! As the Journal points out, "The findings aren't likely to surprise anyone who is married." (Nor, dear Journal, someone who isn't.)

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Valentine's Day is the Absolute Worst

Tomorrow, millions of unoriginal people will give and receive chocolates, flowers and diamonds for the elaborate courting ritual of Valentine's Day. Women will wear red or black lace lingerie and men will take them out to dinner at expensive restaurants with prix fixe specials for V-Day, and if he went to Jared, which he did because of those abominable commercials, the women will receive diamonds. Then these people will go home and have boring, conventional sex.

Meanwhile, hip couples will have smug "anti-Valentine's Day" things in which they ironically wear red and make their own artisanal chocolates at home. While all this is going on, single people will feel kind of down all day and either stay at home and get drunk by themselves or get together with their other single friends while everyone assumes a false mien of cheerfulness about being single.

Valentine's Day is the absolute fucking worst.

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Shepard Fairey Now Doing "Wedding Murals"

What's the "jumped the shark" thermometer for formerly edgy street artists who may or may not do illegal things in illegal places?

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