Governor Cuomo Orders Inspections of New York Nail Salons

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Following a New York Times investigation into the state of New York City's nail salons, Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered a multi-agency Enforcement Task Force to inspect nail salons across the state and implement new rules and guidelines. Salons will now be required to post signs in six languages informing employees of their rights. Manicurists will be required to wear gloves and masks, and salons will need to be properly ventilated. The rules will take effect in the coming months. In a statement, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., who proposed legislation to regulate salons back in August, said, "This is an important public health issue, one that benefits not only customers but also protects the personal safety and workers' rights of those in the industry."

Original story from May 4 below:

If Ruben Diaz Jr. has his way, choosing your nail salon will soon be as easy as choosing where to eat. The Bronx borough president has been on a crusade this year to institute a citywide letter grade system for all nail salons, and on Friday his proposal finally reached the City Council.

"I hope everyone got their nails done," quipped Rafael Espinal, the chairman of the council's Committee on Consumer Affairs, who introduced the legislation on Diaz's behalf.

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Here Are the Eight New York Bars Where You Can Still Have a Smoke

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Forecasts of doom and gloom followed New York City's 2003 smoking ban.

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Protesting Assisted Suicide, Activists Crash NYC Assemblywoman's Office...In Albany

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Activists streamed into New York State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal's Albany office to protest her stance on assisted suicide.
A swarm of disability rights activists — many in wheelchairs — funneled into New York State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal's Albany office on February 11. There, they demanded a meeting with the Manhattan Democrat so they could denounce her bill to legalize assisted suicide.

"People with disabilities are told every day they'd be better off dead," says Stephanie Woodward, a 26-year-old disability rights lawyer who was at the protest in her wheelchair. "Instead of giving suicide prevention or help, [these bills] open the doors for us to off ourselves."

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In December, Cold and Flu Reports Hit Unusual Highs. Have Fun in January

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Last month, an average of 4 percent of Americans reported being sick with the flu on any given day, according to a Gallup report released January 8. Because December isn't even peak flu month — reports tend to be their highest in January and February — pollsters say this just might become "the worst flu season in Gallup's records." (January 2013 saw an all-time high of 4.7 percent.)

What makes this year's flu so terrible?

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Letter Grades Idea for NYC Salons Floated After Borough President's Horrifying Experience

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What are you going to take home from YOUR pedicure?




You probably don't want to think about these diseases when you go to the nail salon for a pedicure. But if your salon technicians aren't properly sanitizing their equipment, you could be at risk for these any time you stick your foot in the whirlpool.

That's why Councilmember Rafael Espinal and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. have just introduced a resolution to the City Council, asking New York State for the right to regulate salons, barbershops, and spas.

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Why Does Penn Station Only Have Six Public Bathrooms for 650,000 People?

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You've made it to Penn! Just don't pee with excitement.
Penn Station entertains 650,000 visitors each day. And if at any given time even a small fraction of them want to use the bathroom, there's a good chance they could be waiting awhile.

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You Can Now Try Hangover-Curing IV Drips on a Bus With Other Hungover People

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Why take pain meds at home when you can get an IV on a bus?
If you're going to pay $500 for bottle service anyway, what's $75 to cure your hangover the next day?

That's the logic behind the Hangover Club: a business that offers an IV drip for people who need to bounce back from the nausea, headaches, and feelings of despair/shame brought on by overindulging in the sauce.

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There Aren't as Many Rats as Humans in NYC. Stop Saying That

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A recent study estimates that there are about 2 million rats in New York City, thus busting the urban myth that there are as many rats as people -- around 8 million -- in the Big Apple.

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357 People in New York City Are on Ebola Watch

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Updated throughout, 3:45 p.m. Just when the rush from riding a subway possibly infected with Ebola virus was starting to wear off, out comes a new statistic to strike fear into the hearts of New Yorkers across all five boroughs. According to the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation on Wednesday afternoon, 357 people in New York City are being actively monitored for symptoms of Ebola.

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Video: Ebola Explained Like You're Five Years Old

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Kids: They're dumb! If you want to explain anything to them, you'll need to do it in very, very simple terms. Adults are dumb too! Or misinformed, or just confused, and sometimes they need things explained to them in simple terms too. That is the basic premise of the popular subreddit "Explain Like I'm Five."

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