'Hipster Juror' Proves Easy Entry Point Into Insider Trading Trial

Google image search: "napping hipster"
In case you stick to cat videos and haven't been paying attention to the insider trading trial of hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam, here's a great talking point for when one of your smarter (richer) friends brings it up: one of the jurors, an alternate, is a 35-year-old unemployed Manhattan-ite. The New York Times DealBook blog calls him the trial's "Hipster Juror" because of his English degree, "scruffy beard, ironic glasses and a track-suit jacket." He has jokes too: "Explaining how he spent his time since becoming unemployed, he said he watched poker shows on TV and played video games. Oh, and 'when we can get our drummer situation worked out, I'm in a band.'" [DealBook]

Gorilla Coffee Sues New York Times, Eight Ex-Employees

Park Slope's Gorilla Coffee is suing eight former employees, one reporter and the New York Times Company for the "preparation and publication of [a] false, defamatory, malicious and libelous article," according to the Fucked in Park Slope blog. The offending Times journalism was published on April 11 on the Diner's Journal blog in a post entitled "Gorilla Coffee Workers Aren't Coming Back," and alleged a "perpetually malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment" under owner Carol McLaughlin.

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The Skinny Jeans Defense Decides Rape Case

It's becoming a trend. Not the tight pants -- those are old news -- but the role of skinny jeans in rape cases worldwide is growing. This time, it was an Australian man acquitted of rape on Friday, after a judge ruled that removing skinny jeans requires some collaboration, the Daily News is reporting.

And it's not the first time! The same thing happened in South Korea and was invoked in Italy. In the latter case the judge had a bit better of an idea of how these things work, upholding the conviction and stating, "jeans cannot be compared to any type of chastity belt."

How tight are we talking, though?

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