Boobs of Bushwick Is a Celebration of the Breasts of 'Hipsters'

Courtesy of Kate Chiplinsky
We had all these stickers lying around, so...
For nearly two years, Kate Chiplinsky has cheerfully photographed women — and men — exposing their breasts. It began in May 2013, when the oppressive heat of summer was beginning to afford New Yorkers more than the usual leeway regarding clothing choices. "We're all hipsters here, so we cut the sleeves off everything we own," Chiplinsky says of her friends. "So there's a lot of side-boob going on, a lot of cleavage, a lot of getting a little drunk and flashing your boobs. I was like, 'Oh my God! We should start a blog.'"

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Serial Listening Parties Are Now a Thing

Categories: Hipsters

Courtesy Serial
Once again, we're gathering around the radio digital music playback device.
It was inevitable, wasn't it?

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What In the World Happened to the Hipster Cop? Let's Take a Vote.

Detective Rick Lee with a member of his adoring public (actually a press photographer)
Earlier this week, we went down to Occupy Wall Street's second anniversary, where things were a little quiet. Sure, there were a couple of arrests, some shouting, some ludicrous attempts by the cops to make protesters stand on some "First Amendment steps," identical to another set of steps three feet away, but it was nothing like last year, and certainly nothing like the chaos at the height of the occupation. And then there's the Hipster Cop. What's going on with that guy? We talked to him, and the man seems... different, somehow.

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Nativism, Fedoras, and the 'Hipster' Takeover of Montauk

A few weeks back, New York Times writer Jim Rutenberg wrote a piece on the newest victim of the constantly invading bohemian culture that sucks up dilapidation and spits out haute couture. Ugh, yes, it was another "This is where the hipsters are going this week" piece that we all love to hate but hate to love. But this time around, it wasn't a small strip of blocks deep in Brooklyn or a new neighborhood abbreviation that brokers will strangle their listings with. No, this one was a bit more sandy.

Montauk is the final town on Long island (known as the End, for this reason) and the subject of many a Billy Joel song; where deadlocked land meets the Atlantic, and the sunset line replaces your peripheral. The quiet beach town sits just far enough off the edge of the Hampton Bays, separated only by the thin stretch of road known as the Montauk Highway. This isolated location gives the natives a sense of authenticity and, as a result, anger toward visitors. And in Rutenberg's words, these people were suffering from a heavy dose of "hipster fatigue."

You can kind of see where this is going.

Well, I have been going to Montauk every summer since I was an infant. My parents loved the town for all the reasons mentioned above: It had the beautiful sights of the Hamptons, minus the hustle and bustle of Hollywood chauvinism. My mother would always talk about seeing Richard Dreyfuss at the local deli and how he was just another "townie," not some pretentious douche bag from the Strip, in town for the weekend to host another A-list shindig on his yacht.
Unfortunately, in a cynical sense, my family and I were visitors as well, reserving our trips strictly for the early days of August. And now, years later, my status as a New Yorker has given me an additional yet senselessly derogatory title to the residents of a town I'll always love. I am a culture-destroying "hipster."
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'Occupy Williamsburg' Meeting Tonight at Union Pool, Obviously

Now that Occupy Wall Street no longer has a home, will it end up in Williamsburg? Well -- probably not. But tonight some people are meeting up at Union Pool (of course) to talk about a possible "Occupy Williamsburg" movement.

The Facebook event description begins: "Many of us in Williamsburg have been involved in and inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. OWS is not about abstract politics. It's about unemployment, health care, dwindling social services, huge student debts, brutally expensive housing and bleak futures. In the most fundamental and personal ways, and in the places where we live them, OWS is a worldwide movement to reclaim our lives."

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Brooklyn Hipster Politics Wonks Going National, Launch 2,012 for 2012 Campaign

election eve.JPG
courtesy of Sarah Baker
Lincoln Restler on the night of his election to the New York State Democratic Committee last year.
Last year, Brooklyn politics-as-usual got a shakeup via the election of glasses-sporting 27-year-old Lincoln Restler to a State Committee seat as the District Leader for Williamsburg and the surrounding environs. Restler and the New Kings Democrats, a grassroots lefty organization in Brooklyn, took on crooked Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez and won, showing that with the right amount of effort and door-knocking, an upstart can get voted into local elected office.

The Voice wrote about NKD a bit last year during that election cycle. Recently we heard from Sarah Baker, a NKD organizer who's now involved in a new project down in D.C. with other young Brooklyn political minds. She and Carlos Odio, an Obama campaign veteran, are running the Candidate Project, whose goal is basically to replicate Lincoln Restler's success all over the country by recruiting progressives to run for local elected positions (the political establishment in Washington now being seen as something of a lost cause). Odio is the director of the project and Baker's title is digital director. Yesterday they launched the 2,012 for 2012 initiative, which will attempt to get 2,012 regular people elected to local offices in the 2012 cycle. Brooklyn hipster-pols are going national!

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The 'Hipster'-est Words in NPR's Definitive Piece About Hipsters

You know it's over when you're an NPR article. Or a costume.
Yesterday NPR posted an article called "The Hipsterification of America." We are momentarily lifting our ban on the word hipster to address it, because it is, indeed, something special, and should be publicly recognized. Never in the history of writing about hipsters have so many hipster terms, most particularly, the word hipster itself, been utilized! Herewith, all the words, in the order they appear, with repetitions included. Hipster, hipster, hipster. Hipster.

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Tonight, It Will Be Even Easier To Get a Free Prison Tat While Drunk

We know a deal when we see one. And tonight there is a super duper deal happening in Williamsburg! You can get a handmade tattoo for free with all the free beer you want at a bar called Lady Jay's starting at 10 p.m. (the event is sponsored by PBR, of course). The selections are "stick and poke" tattoos, which means that instead of using a machine, the people doing the tattooing will poke you repeatedly with a needle, prison tat-style; if you're looking for a guide on how to make these things yourself, Vice obviously had you covered like four years ago. All this, in an environment full of free alcohol. What could possibly go wrong?

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The Ace Hotel, or 'Ass Hole-tel': Free-Associations

We thought we put this one to bed a few months ago, but as it turns out, we're talking about the Ace Hotel again. Remember how hip it is? Or "not quote-unquote hip, per se"? It's hip again, or continues to be hip, or continues to be quote-unquote not not hip. This time, the angle is that the Ace lobby is a place where people work, which Chris Mohney at BlackBook covered definitively about a year and a half ago.

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New York in the 1960s: Plenty of Hipsters, Fewer Starbucks

Lower East Side from Django's Ghost on Vimeo

Look at that fucking hipster! Wait...where are we? When are we? As this clip of the East Village in the '60s -- posted on Neighborhoodr via Handsome as Fuck and supplemented with music from the Velvet Underground -- demonstrates, nerdy black glasses, smoking, ironic headbands, skinny jeans, and an overall certain retro-vintage style was popular a long time ago, before there were assholes like us to dub it "retro-vintage." More »