Longtime Bed-Stuy Residents Have Had It With Hipster Bars Invading Their Neighborhood

As she described the gourmet menu drafted for her new bar on DeKalb Avenue, Bob's Standard co-founder Hilary Krishnan faced a tough crowd. "Gourmet pickle plates, curry sandwiches, chorizo dogs," she said cheerfully. "Are you getting hungry yet?"

The attendees at the February 9 meeting of Bed-Stuy's Community Board 3, whom Krishnan was asking for support, stared back in silence. Leaning back in her chair, 55-year-old Brooklynite Juanita Lewis had a one-word answer to Krishnan's question.


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Bill de Blasio Courts the Youngins With a Throwback Photo [PHOTO]

Hi, can I grab this seat next to you? This coffee shop is always so full! Wait, do I know you? You look so familiar, I just can't put my finger on it. Oh, you're Bill de Blasio from the '80s! Sorry, I had you confused for every white hipster I've ever met. That's your target demo, huh? That's something.

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Is Andy Samberg Trying to Be Hipster Cop in This New Fox Show? (Update)

Remember your meme? It was fall of 2011, when computer screens were bright with speculation about a well-dressed cop with Lower Manhattan's First Precinct who kept showing to Occupy-related events. The image of the "hipster cop," or real-life Detective Rick Lee, became loved, then sort of hated, then largely disappeared into the ether as the original news peg died.

Then we saw this, the trailer for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," a Fox show starring Andy Samberg and airing this fall. In it, Samberg plays a manchild/cop in the NYPD's fictional 99th precinct (somewhere in Brooklyn) who gets ribbed by his colleagues for his casual attire.

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"Hipster-lifestyle" Nearly Escapes Drunk Driving Accident Scot-free

According to the The New York Post charges against "former hipster" Sophia Anderson were "conditionally dismissed." Last year on Memorial Day weekend, the 21-year-old Brooklyn woman decided to celebrate non-traditionally, by being arrested and accused of drunk-driving after her boyfriend's parents' Mercedes rocketed into the home of a 96-year-old Long Island woman.

Later Anderson told police that her allegedly intoxicated boyfriend, Dan Sajewski, told her to switch seats with him and take the blame for the crash. She said that Sajewski convinced her to take the fall for the accident, as he had a criminal record and was on probation at the time. Anderson's DWI charge was dropped, though she was then charged with obstruction of justice. The charges did not specify whether or not anyone did anything ironically.

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Nativism, Fedoras, and the 'Hipster' Takeover of Montauk

A few weeks back, New York Times writer Jim Rutenberg wrote a piece on the newest victim of the constantly invading bohemian culture that sucks up dilapidation and spits out haute couture. Ugh, yes, it was another "This is where the hipsters are going this week" piece that we all love to hate but hate to love. But this time around, it wasn't a small strip of blocks deep in Brooklyn or a new neighborhood abbreviation that brokers will strangle their listings with. No, this one was a bit more sandy.

Montauk is the final town on Long island (known as the End, for this reason) and the subject of many a Billy Joel song; where deadlocked land meets the Atlantic, and the sunset line replaces your peripheral. The quiet beach town sits just far enough off the edge of the Hampton Bays, separated only by the thin stretch of road known as the Montauk Highway. This isolated location gives the natives a sense of authenticity and, as a result, anger toward visitors. And in Rutenberg's words, these people were suffering from a heavy dose of "hipster fatigue."

You can kind of see where this is going.

Well, I have been going to Montauk every summer since I was an infant. My parents loved the town for all the reasons mentioned above: It had the beautiful sights of the Hamptons, minus the hustle and bustle of Hollywood chauvinism. My mother would always talk about seeing Richard Dreyfuss at the local deli and how he was just another "townie," not some pretentious douche bag from the Strip, in town for the weekend to host another A-list shindig on his yacht.
Unfortunately, in a cynical sense, my family and I were visitors as well, reserving our trips strictly for the early days of August. And now, years later, my status as a New Yorker has given me an additional yet senselessly derogatory title to the residents of a town I'll always love. I am a culture-destroying "hipster."
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Manhattan Has the Most Hipsters, According to Not Very Scientific Survey

According to an important statistical analysis of New York City's hipster makeup, you may be incorrect if you've held to the common perception that Brooklyn is New York's hipster-est borough. In fact, the survey suggests that there may be significantly more hipsters in...Manhattan. WTF, survey?

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The Brooklyn (Hipster) Christmas Tree Gets a (Hipster) Time-Lapse Video

Brooklyn Christmas Tree from Chris Kirkinis on Vimeo.

Everything good and decent in this world gets a time-lapse video, right? Right. Such is the case for the Brooklyn (Hipster) Christmas Tree, created by 26-year-old Aussie expat Julian Cole. Watch the stylized time-lapse of the making, by Chris Kirkinis, and feel holiday-ish. There are snowflakes. There are hoodies!

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The McCarren Park 'Hipster' Christmas Tree Gets Some Upgrades

Yesterday we noted, thanks to New York Shitty and the L Magazine, that there was a Christmas tree "growing" in Brooklyn. Made of PBRs implanted in a tree-shape in the McCarren Park fence at Bedford and North 12th, plus red and green painted sneakers, a star made of Metrocards, plastic bags, tinsel, and other found items, the tree was immediately dubbed the "Hipster Christmas Tree," partly because of the PBR, partly because of its location, and partly because the word hipster is bandied about like a pair of sweat socks at a Dirty Christmas party.

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Merry Christmas, Hipster! With Love From Metrocards, PBR, and Old Shoes

New York Shitty
Happy holidays! This is when we cut down trees, decorate them with a billion lights and stars and shiny things, and watch them die. It's also when we walk down sidewalks and inhale deeply and pretend, if only for a minute, that we live in the forest -- and when we chug all of the cheap beers we can and stick them into a fence outside of McCarren Park in the general shape of a fir tree, along with some red and green shoes and a star made of Metrocards and a bunch of plastic bags, and call it Christmas. To each his own.

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The 'Hipster'-est Words in NPR's Definitive Piece About Hipsters

You know it's over when you're an NPR article. Or a costume.
Yesterday NPR posted an article called "The Hipsterification of America." We are momentarily lifting our ban on the word hipster to address it, because it is, indeed, something special, and should be publicly recognized. Never in the history of writing about hipsters have so many hipster terms, most particularly, the word hipster itself, been utilized! Herewith, all the words, in the order they appear, with repetitions included. Hipster, hipster, hipster. Hipster.

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