Bill de Blasio and Assorted New York Children Uncomfortably Sing "I Love L.A."

Screenshot via Hulu.
Mayor de Blasio brings shame upon our city, these children, and music itself.
At the beginning of the month, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made a friendly wager: If the L.A. Kings lost the Stanley Cup to the New York Rangers, Garcetti would go on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and perform "New York, New York." If the Kings won, de Blasio would have to sing an ode to the city of traffic jams and immobile, botulism-rich foreheads.

"Start spreading the news," de Blasio said at the time, according to the L.A. Times. "It's been over 20 years since the Stanley Cup has found its home in New York City, and we look forward to it making it's way here."

But that enormous silver spittoon was not to be ours: to no one's surprise, the Rangers lost 3-2 to the Kings on Friday, June 13. Last night, our mayor appeared via satellite on Kimmel's show to make good on the bet. It was uncomfortable.

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The FDNY and the NYPD's Annual Charity Hockey Game Turned Into A Giant Brawl

Screenshot via Instagram user the1andonly_dj
This time yesterday, Police Commissioner William Bratton was filed with boyish excitement over the New York Police Department's annual charity hockey match with the FDNY at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island:

He hasn't sent out a follow-up tweet celebrating the NYPD's 8-5 victory, probably because everyone is busy talking about the enormous, bench-clearing brawl that broke out between the two teams in the second half.

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Holy Crap, the Islanders Are Moving to Brooklyn! (liveblog)


As the Twitterverse is already aware, the New York Islanders are holding a press conference at Brooklyn's Barclays Center at 1 pm, with the word being that they're set to announce a move to the land of Marty Markowitz once their Nassau Coliseum lease expires in 2015.

There are all sorts of questions about this: Will 14,500 seats for hockey be enough? What did the Isles offer to Bruce Ratner to make it worth his while to give up being the easy winter alternative for concerts that can't find dates at Madison Square Garden? Will the NHL even be playing games again by 2015?

I'm happily ensconced on a folding chair (black, of course) in the Barclays lobby, and the festivities are set to begin shortly. Liveblog begins below the jump in three, two...

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The Islanders Are Coming! The Islanders Are Coming!

Things have been mostly quiet on the New York Islanders arena front since their public vote for a new home in the 516 crashed and burned spectacularly last summer. That all changed yesterday afternoon, however, with the announcement that the team has scheduled an exhibition game against the Devils at Brooklyn's Barclays Center for October 2, just four days after the new home of the Brooklyn Nets (keep saying it, you'll get used to it) gets its official inauguration by way of a concert by the team's co-owner.

The proclamation led to media excitement way out of proportion to a single preseason hockey game, thanks to the presumption that Isles owner Charles Wang and Nets chieftains Bruce Ratner and that guy running for president of Russia are plotting to make this much more than a one-time visit.

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Long Island: Where You Can Get Tattooed at a Hockey Game

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"I'll take one of these, and throw in a yin yang while you're at it."
Sick of waiting until after the Islanders-Predators game to get that tattoo of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes pissing on a Rangers logo? Now you don't have to wait! CNBC's Darren Rovell reports Long Island tattoo chain Tattoo Lou's is opening a parlor inside Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The pangs of regret you feel during the long drive home from yet another Islanders loss will be nothing compared to the feeling you'll get after spotting that fresh Kyle Okposo tramp stamp in the mirror the next morning.

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Are the Islanders Moving to Brooklyn Now or What?

So Nassau County held its vote on the $400 million New York Islanders arena plan yesterday, and for team owner Charles Wang things went about as well as ... it's tempting to say "as well as a typical Islanders game," but that'd be cruel. In any case, the final vote was 57-43% against funding a new arena (plus a new minor-league baseball stadium for an as-yet nonexistent Atlantic League team) with a 4% property tax hike, one that just might have been illegal.

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Perky 'Islanders' Have Own Sport, Arena Controversy

An Islanders arena campaign ad tries to warn of the consequences of a "no" vote, by using actual footage of the team's defense dissolving.
Today's Daily News features an editorial on next Monday's New York Islanders arena vote, which is notable for a couple of reasons: One, it's a rare acknowledgment by the New York media that there is, indeed, a sport known as hockey; and two, it's an even rarer admission that there's another hockey team in the area in addition to the Rangers and that one in New Jersey that wins Stanley Cups every so often, a team that otherwise survives in New York sports lingo only in the archaic expression "Potvin sucks!"

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Canada Moves Political Debate for Hockey Game; Confirms All Canadian Stereotypes

Slap Shot.jpg
A French-language party debate has been bumped up a day in Canada because it conflicts with a playoff hockey game between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. The Montreal Gazette reports that a television consortium agreed to move the event from Thursday to Wednesday after Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe brought up the issue. This would have easily been avoided here in America considering that we don't vote or watch hockey.

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If Islanders Flee, Where Will They Go?

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The hockey season is underway, which is bad news for Islanders fans in two ways. First off, they have to watch the Islanders for another year. Second, Saturday's season opener marked owner Charles Wang's self-proclaimed deadline for final approval of his gazillion-dollar Lighthouse development project. When the date passed without the town of Hempstead acting, Wang let loose with an outright move threat — or at least as close as sports team owners, who usually borrow their threat protocol from the Vercotti Brothers, get to outright — declaring that "we're going to explore all our options" and that "anything is open," including moving the team out of Long Island.

Of course, this is a tried-and-true sports owner strategy, whether you're serious about moving or not: The Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, don't forget, shopped themselves around the country during their own arena talks, only to have owner Mario Lemieux later admit: "Our goal was to remain here in Pittsburgh all the way. Those trips to Kansas City and Vegas and other cities was just to go, and have a nice dinner and come back." But whether Wang is serious about relocation or just looking for an excuse for a foodie tour, there's another question here: If the Islanders are looking for cities to play footsie with, how many are out there?

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