Soup Kitchens on Thanksgiving: Surplus of Volunteers, Needs Everywhere Else

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Most days, the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in Chelsea gets about 50 volunteers, sometimes as much as 70. This Thanksgiving, they will have more than a hundred, all of whom signed-up far in advance. The first-come-first-serve list filled up weeks ago, and the kitchen has had to turn away "hundreds" of prospective volunteers since, says Rev. Rev. Glenn Chalmers, the program's executive director.

"Everyone seems to want to volunteer at the holidays," he says.

Spending Thanksgiving serving the needy is a tradition embedded deep within American cultural psyche. A sitcom cliche. A universal symbol for gratefulness. It is a pleasant tradition.

But it also leads to an inefficient distribution of our collective good will.

"with the holidays it's when we get all the media and the volunteers, but we're here all year," says Chalmers.

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Beat Hunger! Where to Donate Food and Time This Thanksgiving

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After weeks of gravy-soaked fever dreams, Thanksgiving is finally upon us. Many of us will enjoy the holiday in the company of family and friends around a big old dinner table. We should count ourselves lucky. Over 2 million New Yorkers are food insecure, meaning their access to healthful meals, during the holiday season or not, is uncertain. It's a full-blown crisis, brought into sharp relief during a time of year when those more fortunate of us are busy slamming our faces with mash potatoes and large fowl. So what is there to do? The Voice has rounded up some food charities around the city where one can volunteer or simply donate any time of the year.

Our list is by no means exhaustive; if there is a charity or program that you feel bears mentioning, leave us a link in the comments. Those we have listed do just a fraction of the good work happening all over the city. After you've un-buttoned your pants from too much cherry pie, the Voice encourages you to roll up your sleeves and help beat hunger in New York City.

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Cardinal Dolan Comments On Contraception Politics

This Easter Sunday was not free from politics and controversy for Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who in addition to giving a sermon at Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral today, appeared in a segment that aired on CBS' Face The Nation. In the interview Dolan weighed in once again on the nation's contraception debate and the president's coverage mandate. "I don't think religion should be too involved in politics," he said. "But I also don't think the government and politics should be overly involved in the church. And that's our problem here. You've got a dramatic, radical intrusion of a government bureaucracy into the internal life of the church. That bothers me."

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NYPD Officers Injured In Brooklyn Shootout; Two Arrested in Tulsa; Easter Parade Comes To Fifth Avenue

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Four police officers were injured in Sheepshead Bay early this morning in a shootout with a man who had shut himself after a dispute with moving company employees. The officers -- two of whom were shot in the calf, one who was shot in the thigh and ankle and another whose face was grazed -- were not seriously injured. The man, 33-year-old Nakwon Foxworth, barricaded himself in his sixth-floor apartment along with his pregnant girlfriend and 4-month-old son after threatening the moving company employees, one of whom called the police, with a gun. When Foxworth's wife and son escaped, police entered and the shooting broke out. "We're not certain about what the fight was about," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, according to the New York Daily News. "Obviously (Foxworth) was very hyper to say the least. He had a dispute with his lady friend and told her she couldn't leave. And when she just left and left the door open, he started shooting." [NYDN, CBS New York]

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Christians And Jews Partake In Holiday Celebrations; Lottery Winner Comes Forward in Kansas; Tugboat Capsizes Near Liberty Island

Both Christians and Jews are observing holy days over the weekend. Cardinal Timothy Dolan participated in the Good Friday Way of the Cross procession across the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. The march began after a ceremony at Brooklyn's Cathedral Basilica of St. James. Today he will be at the Church of St. Stanislaus on East Seventh St. for the blessing of the food for Easter Sunday breakfast. In Texas new New York Jet Tim Tebow will deliver a sermon on Easter Sunday. Meanwhile Seders took place across the city -- even at Madison Square Garden -- Friday night as the Jewish holiday of Passover began at sundown. Passover lasts for eight days. [NYDN, NYT, NY1 ]

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Some April Fools' Jokes For the End of April Fools'

April Fools' is just darn frustrating. As a studier of the Internet, you have to be constantly on guard. With every word you read and link you click on you must think, "could this really ridiculous story be real? Or is it a product of someone's imagination?" So, as the most annoying holiday of the year -- especially for the gullible -- draws to a close, we present you a compilation of some of the notable April Fools' gags we saw on the Web today. Some are funny, some are confusing and some are clunkers. We invite you to guffaw or scoff for yourself. Enjoy.

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Woman Testifies Against Officer Accused Of Raping Her While Off-Duty; Dharun Ravi Found Guilty; St. Patty's Day Hits New York

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The woman who was allegedly raped by Michael Pena, who was an NYPD officer off-duty, in August testified against him yesterday. The 25-year-old teacher explained that Pena asked how to get to the 1 train. After she did so, he still showed her he gun, brought her to an alleyway, forced her to perform oral sex at gunpoint, and raped and sodomized her. Pena's lawyer has said that while his client did assault the woman there was no sexual penetration based on DNA evidence. [NY1, NYT]

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Occupy Valentine's Day: Tomorrow's Bed-In in Washington Square Park

Revolutionary Games
The flyer for tomorrow's "Bed-In."
Valentine's Day, it is now well-established by crushingly overwhelming consensus, is more or less the worst, a vastly successful conspiracy by the Things-That-Are-Pink-Or-Made-Of-Chocolate Industrial complex to boost sales.

Whether you are single, or just allergic to mandatory normative romance, February 14th can often feel like a day to just stay in bed. This year, there's a new way to do just that, with an Occupy-Wall-Street-branded "Bed In" in Washington Square Park.

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It's Groundhog Day! It's Groundhog Day! It's...

Yes, it is Groundhog Day again, which means that across the country, many small rodents are delivering their verdicts on whether we will have six more weeks of "winter."

The most famous groundhog authority, Punxsutawney Phil, has seen his shadow and is reporting that we will indeed have six more weeks of winter, while here in New York, the local groundhog Staten Island Chuck is predicting an early spring.

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NYPD Should Beware Of Bank Robbers Tomorrow

The New York Daily News is reporting that the NYPD has warned its ranks about what the paper describes as "'Oceans 11'-style burglary gangs" who want to rob banks when they are closed for holidays -- as they will be tomorrow for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Apparently, it's prime time for burglars to get together and plan heists. But what if they are actually Ocean's Twelve-style robbers? Or Ocean's Thirteen guys?

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