Quantum Levitation Defies Gravity, Blows Your Freaking Mind

The above video comes via the Association of Science-Technology Centers, and it shows a superconductive disc locked in "quantum levitation." Translation: HOLY SHIT, THAT NILLA WAFER IS FLOATING IN MID-AIR!

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FDNY Rescues Driver From Truck Dangling From Sanitation Garage

This photo just in. Somehow, a garbage (some are saying a salt) truck managed to get in this precarious position, two stories high, dangling out of a sanitation garage at 58-35 52 Road at 59th Street in Queens. The FDNY tweeted the photo, which is, you have to admit, pretty freaking dramatic, especially because there was a guy inside. We spoke to an FDNY spokesperson, who told us that the call came in at 9:28, and that he didn't know how the truck got where it was, but that the man inside was rescued with a tower ladder. Whew.

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Watch a Horrifying Video About Bed Bugs, If You Dare

The absolute worst part is how they've made it so it looks like little bed bugs are crawling around on your screen. Are you fucking kidding me? Excuse me while I go vomit, scratch myself, and burn everything I own.



Facebook Users Like to Say the F-Word

According to information collected from the Facebook walls of more than 30,000 users by social media monitoring service Reppler, Facebookers are largely kind of a profane bunch. That is to say, nearly half of them have some obscenity or another on their walls, and 80 percent have at least one profane post or comment from a friend. Half of posts and comments using profanity come from friends. (If your enemies talk to you like that you should probably unfriend them.)

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Man Films His Drive Through the Tsunami [Video]

We've seen a lot of devastating tsunami videos. This one, from the Telegraph, ends well, although it's certainly harrowing: While a man drives on a coastal road, tsunami waves overtake his vehicle. He keeps filming the whole way -- without even a scream -- which is, to say the least, pretty fucking impressive. Afterward, he told local media "I could do nothing else but keep driving." (Watch for the rainbow at 13 seconds.)More »

R.I.P, Four Loko: Here Are the Five Stupidest Things People Have Done While Drinking You.

Colors of a beautiful rainbow...
Four Loko, known as "liquid crack" to certain admirers, was officially banned this weekend, no longer to be delivered to your friendly neighborhood bodega after December 10. Unlike just any garden variety booze, Four Loko didn't only make people sick -- it made them insane! We've compiled our five favorite (a/k/a most disturbing) Loco-Loko offenders, so that future generations can see how dumb we really were.

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Lady-Part Stench Leads to Amusing Antics All Around

Thumbnail image for melissaleewilliamsmugshot.jpg
Here she is, fellas.
Today is a day for crazy, apparently. Which is good. We like crazy. Crazy is kind of a gift, really. Especially when it happens in West Virginia. In this instance...a 41-year-old woman with three names (Melissa Lee Williams) who lives in a room at the 77 Motor Inn (conveniently just four doors down from her -- estranged, of course -- hubby) arrived at his door to invite him and another man into a convivial game of "eat my pussy" (her words, not ours).

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