Hurricane Sandy Unleashed 11 Billion Gallons of Crap in the Water, Report Shows

Doug Kuntz/Climate Central
If you needed any more evidence to attest to the fact that Sandy was a real bitch, Climate Central released a study today showing where the storm overwhelmed the city's sewage treatment facilities. The findings are horrifying: 11 billion gallons of raw and partially treated sewage were dumped into the water, with six sewage spills larger than 100 million gallons in New York City alone.


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This is What it's Like to Crash-Land Into the Hudson River

Flickr user Greg L.

Following the weekend's scary yet ultimately uplifting news of another plane crashing into the Hudson without killing anyone, we revisited the infamous Flight 1549 crash.

Maryann Bruce, a passenger on the plane that Captain "Sully" Sullenberger successfully ditched in the river back in 2009, told us about what it's like when the plane you're on falls into the Hudson River.

What did it feel like when your flight was going down, and when it hit the water?

I'm kind of an interesting person to ask, because my response will be very different from everyone else's. There were 150 passengers, so if you speak to 150 passengers, you'll get 150 different stories. I fly so often that I realized there was a problem with the engines. I figured we hit birds and would make an emergency landing. There was an off-duty pilot sitting behind me; I looked at him and said, "Are we going to make an emergency landing at LaGuardia?" He said yes, very calmly. When he seemed to be calm, I went back to reading the newspaper. I was thinking, 'Oh, I'm going to be late getting home, what a pain in the ass.'

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Did Anyone Else Cry During Kristen Wiig's SNL Farewell Last Night?

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Kristen Wiig was considering her seventh year as an Saturday Night Live castmember to be her last. And, in the last sketch of the season finale on Saturday night, she confirmed those rumors with one of the best (and emotional) send-offs in the show's history.

The season finale episode, hosted by Rolling Stones' frontman Mick Jagger with musical guests Arcade Fire, the Foo Fighters and legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, ended with a small skit in a classroom. Playing the teacher saying so long to a graduating class, Jagger calls Kristen to the front. And the tears began to fall.

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Quantum Levitation Defies Gravity, Blows Your Freaking Mind

The above video comes via the Association of Science-Technology Centers, and it shows a superconductive disc locked in "quantum levitation." Translation: HOLY SHIT, THAT NILLA WAFER IS FLOATING IN MID-AIR!

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$80,000 Worth of Bull Semen Shuts Down Nashville Interstate

Um, so, for your lunchtime...treat...we're giving you this. Consider it an adorable-animals-in-trouble-slash-thank goodness-you-live-in-New York City, where things like this do not happen! In Nashville, Tennessee, the on-ramp to Interstate 65 South was closed down this morning, inconveniencing some, amusing others, after several canisters of bull semen fell off a Greyhound bus. Yep. What happened next is the stuff of blog posts.

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FDNY Rescues Driver From Truck Dangling From Sanitation Garage

This photo just in. Somehow, a garbage (some are saying a salt) truck managed to get in this precarious position, two stories high, dangling out of a sanitation garage at 58-35 52 Road at 59th Street in Queens. The FDNY tweeted the photo, which is, you have to admit, pretty freaking dramatic, especially because there was a guy inside. We spoke to an FDNY spokesperson, who told us that the call came in at 9:28, and that he didn't know how the truck got where it was, but that the man inside was rescued with a tower ladder. Whew.

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Watch a Horrifying Video About Bed Bugs, If You Dare

The absolute worst part is how they've made it so it looks like little bed bugs are crawling around on your screen. Are you fucking kidding me? Excuse me while I go vomit, scratch myself, and burn everything I own.



One Vagina Can Hold 54 Bags of Heroin, Plus $51.22

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Not the actual money.
There's nothing like an inspiring, aspirational crime story on a Friday morning, and from Scranton no less! Here goes: Police detained Karin Mackaliunas, suspected of burglarizing the Dunmore Inn, after she crashed her car on Sunday. They found three bags of heroin in her jacket. On the way to police HQ, they noticed her "fidgeting in the backseat of the cruiser." Turns out, she'd used her vagina as a storage facility for way, way, way more heroin. And other things, too!

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New Yorkers Actually Drink Less Than the Nationwide Average. Really.

There's a new New York City drinking survey out, and chances are, you're a drinker, because more than half of New Yorkers of legal drinking age are (congrats!). We were surprised and vindicated to find, however, that New Yorkers on average (53%) actually drank less than the nationwide average (56%) -- so we're not quite the alcoholic sluts you think we are (commenter, we're talking to you).

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Barack Obama, Arms Dealer? U.S. Close to $60 Billion Deal With Saudi Arabia

Just as we mention that 2009 was a very bad year for weapons sales, which hit a low since 2005 due to the global recession, well, about that...the White House may be poised to change their tune according to the Wall Street Journal, with "plans to offer advanced aircraft to Saudi Arabia worth up to $60 billion, the largest U.S. arms deal ever." Which they're supposed to notify Congress about "soon."

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