Man Who Wrote About Suicide on Mountain Dew's Facebook Page Says 'It Was a Joke'

The above screengrab (via Reddit) from Mountain Dew's Facebook page shows a man's apparent cry for help. Naturally, this has spread around the internet, and people have found it anywhere from hilarious to disturbing and offensive. Runnin' Scared got in contact with Michael Abraham, the man who made the above post, and he says it was all a joke. Why would he do that to DEW Nation?

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What's So Special About Apple's Siri?

Anticipation and hoopla surrounded the release of the iPhone 4S, but when people discovered Apple wasn't debuting the iPhone 5, the launch was dubbed a dud. 5 is one better than 4! Why are you robbing us of 5? On the evening Steve Jobs died,'s main headline was about how the iPhone 4S was a disappointment before they quickly replaced it with the news of his passing. Contrary to early predictions, the iPhone 4S is now breaking sales records. Additionally, people are raving about Siri, the phone's voice recognition application.

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Windows 8: A Guide

Last week, journalists and software designers were treated to a preview of Microsoft's latest operating system: Windows 8. The preview was held at Microsoft's Build conference in Anaheim, and those in attendance report a wildly different Windows. CNN calls it "radical" and CNET says it will be "tough to beat." It probably won't be released until 2012, so details and specifics are still vague. Despite our limited knowledge, we'll tell you what we know and what we assume Windows 8 will be all about.

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90 Percent of People Don't Know What CTRL+F Does on Their Keyboards

When you want to find a word in a document, you press CTRL or COMMAND and F, right? Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic spoke with Dan Russell, a search anthropologist at Google, who conducted a study of thousands of people on their computing habits and tendencies. One finding shocked Madrigal: "90 percent of people in their studies don't know how to use CTRL/Command + F to find a word in a document or web page!" We can't imagine going a day without using this shortcut, but most computer users somehow manage. Rick Perry said that he acknowledges the theory of pressing CTRL+F to find a word, but thinks it has some gaps in it.

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Scientists Successfully Teleport Data in Light Form

A team of scientists from Japan and Australia have transported data in light form, Engadget reports. Before you get excited and start packing for any future, instantaneous Hawaiian vacations, keep in mind that it was a complex set of quantum data that was teleported, not a person. Researchers hope this will be a watershed moment in "secure, high-speed quantum communication."

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Bill Gates Confounded by Gmail, Book Alleges

A new book says that Bill Gates didn't understand why Gmail offers so much darn space. The Huffington Post has excerpts from Steven Levy's In The Plex, a book about the rise of Google. After hearing that Gmail has 2 gigabytes of storage, "[Gates] looked stunned, as if this offended him." Wait until he sees all the emoticons Gchat has, he might have a heart attack.

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Amazon Releases Cloud Drive, Will it Kill You?

via kevindooley
Yesterday, launched Cloud Drive, their digital storage service. Many in the tech world believe this is the first shot in the war of "cloud computing," a term for networked, online storage space. To continue the absurd war metaphor, the Wall Street Journal said Amazon "is angling to build a comparable beachhead in the battle over consumers." Screw the metaphors; we're just going to say it: Amazon's Cloud Drive is more important than D-Day. We're sure you have some questions about this, allow us to answer them.

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The iPad 2 Will Change The Way You Spend $500

Will It Have Number Munchers?
Steve Jobs surprised the crowd and received a standing ovation at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco today. It was thought Apple COO Tim Cook would fill in for the reportedly ailing Jobs, but the Turtlenecked One was there to announce the release of the iPad 2 in person.

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