Bed Bugs in Gramercy Park Hotel?

Bed bugs -- our indestructible nemeses who are biting more New Yorkers than ever -- may be causing issues in the super-swanky Gramercy Park Hotel. A disgruntled employee wrote to Gothamist, telling them that bed bugs had been found in guest rooms, employee lockers, and storage rooms -- and that the hotel is doing little to stop the infestation.

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The Social Network Cleans Up at the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais Burns Them to the Ground

Last night's Golden Globes were...weird. They were sad, they were awkward, they were kind of bleak and sinister, like a cocktail party gone on way too long, till everyone's smiles are forced and dresses rumpled. The Social Network did well, winning four awards, as did Glee, which took home three. What really mattered, though, was not the awards themselves, but Ricky Gervais' heroically churlish showing as host. Some high- and lowlights after the jump.

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How You Should Feel About Columbus Day, Plus 9 Other Things to Know About Today's Semi-Holiday

Happy Columbus Day, if you choose to believe it's happy. If you do, and you're not working, you may want to check out the parade, which heads up Fifth Avenue from 47th to 72nd Streets, beginning at 11:30. New York gubernatorial candidates Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino are both expected to show. If you are working, or you hate parades, or you just prefer to hang with your computer, we will reward you with a steady stream of news items and the occasional entertaining nonsense. Like, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Columbus Day But Can Astound Friends and Family With...Today Only!

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New Yorkers Plot Invasion of Arizona, Plus Boycotts. All Talk at This Point.

No, it's not yet like the state v. state fight in 2001, when the Yankees played the Diamondbacks in the World Series. But now that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed her state's draconian Senate Bill 1070 into law, a number of New York immigration activists and politicians are angry enough to cross the borders into Arizona for a little in-your-face action.

So far, a lot of this umbrage has been taken only via press release, as City Hall's Andrew Hawkins points out. We attended a protest rally in Federal Plaza yesterday at which the press outnumbered the demonstrators, and no elected officials spoke.

But several lawmakers plan to take their Big Apple attitude directly to Arizona.

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This Doorman Strike Would Be Scary, If We Had Doormen

We at Runnin' Scared have far and few (okay, no) doormen between us. But that doesn't mean we don't understand the plight of the many wealthy New Yorkers facing the possibility of a doorman strike come 12:01 a.m. April 21. We are not like the snarky old New York Times, publishing how-tos on opening your door by yourself (offend your own readership much?). Hey, we're not here to make fun of rich people. Some of our best friends are rich people. And making fun of rich (or any) people is but an accidental byproduct of what we do, so don't go getting all self-obsessed.

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SOS: Koala Kidnapped by NPR

National Media Museum via Flickr Commons (via NPR)
Please save this koala, recently taken Patty Hearst-style by Claire O'Neill at NPR's The Picture Show. It's currently being lulled to a state of near-coma with back-to-back episodes of Car Talk, but soon, if nothing is done, it will begin to adulate Garrison Keillor and wear trench coats and tweed and tell meandering stories permeated with local color to all the koala kin.

If fact, we already see a resemblance.

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Marc Jacobs to Open Bookstore in Biography's Old Digs. Residents Not Pleased, Duh.

Marc Jacobs window.jpg
Vanishing New York

It's 3:40, have you found something to bitch about today? No?! Well how about this: Marc Jacobs bought out beloved West Village bookstore Biography Book Shop to build... another bookstore. A better bookstore. A Marc Jacobs bookstore. Racked reports that the designer's new outpost, his sixth acquisition in the area, will be the first to sidestep the standard protocol of $5 key chains and $400 everything else.

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NYU to Continue Semi-Hostile Land-War Takeover of Manhattan