As Thanksgiving Approaches, Study Shows Over 1.4 Million New Yorkers Are Still Food-Deprived

The day before Thanksgiving is a day of travel and settlement. Penn Station and Port Authority are packed with nomadic New Yorkers, leaving by bus or train to visit family and friends for the big day, and cabs are all headed to JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airports to drop off the rambunctious New Yorkers, taking off on a jet plane for the big day.

However, for many of the New Yorkers that remain, the day's huge feast isn't as lavish. According to a report put out by the New York City Coalition Against Hunger on Monday, one in six residents of the metropolis do not have sufficient food leading up the biggest food day of the year. And, as we know, Sandy didn't make the situation much better.

Before the storm hit, 1.4 million residents were food-deprived; that number has risen in past weeks to nearly 1.5 million people. The study also shows that one in four children suffer from this as well as one in ten seniors. However, the organization does make the effort to point out that the volunteer efforts have done extraordinary work to fend off the hunger crisis post-Sandy. 

But, needless to say, the problem still remains for millions.

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