Four Loko Now Causing NY State Government to Shut Down Restaurants (Or: Long Live General Loko)

And to think people were worried about what The Kids would do drunk on Four Loko! It would appear the State Liquor Authority drank so much Four Loko (or so much of the Four-Loko-as-Reefer-Madness craze-flavored Kool-Aid) that they raided accomplished restaurateur, chef, blogger, and boozing revolutionary Eddie Huang's downtown dining spot Xiao Ye to such an extent, he was forced to close it down. Rebecca Marx at Fork In The Road has the whole story. It's worth noting that somehow, the Bros of Bros Icing Bros have yet to earn retribution even remotely on this level for their crimes against the (drinking) humanity. [FK]

New York City's Board of Elections: Chaos, Madness, The Absolute Worst?

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Those in New York City responsible for seeing that the Great American Democratic Process goes smoothly -- the Board of Elections -- has had a complete shitshow of an election season. Or has been the complete shitshow of New York's election season -- which, given Charlie Rangel, Carl Paladino, and the "Rent Is Too Damn High" impressive -- and just somehow managed to get worse.

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Tuesday Afternoon Explosions: Things Blowing Up in East Village and Park Slope

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Another Tuesday afternoon, another set of arbitrary, terrifying, and dangerous explosions in New York City to reaffirm that you basically live in a Michael Bay movie waiting to happen here in the five boroughs. Today? The East Village and Park Slope get hit.

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Cause for Celebration: MTV's The City Has Been Canceled

Via Racked.
Dear Universe,

Thank you for the kind news that Racked reported just now: that this morning on American Idol spokescreature Ryan Seacrest's radio show, Whitney Port of The City confirmed that the show is basically over. In case you didn't know it, The City was a bad fake reality show about New York City that encourages people who will only lower the lowest common denominator of New Yorkers to move here. Now if you could please end:

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Nobody's Good Enough for Mayor Bloomberg to Serve Three Terms, Except for Mayor Bloomberg

Remember that time Michael Bloomberg decided he would override the conventional standards in place to avoid politicians usurping too much power by breaking the two term limit on mayors, and run for a third? As it turns out, Mayor Bloomberg thinks the only person good enough to run for three terms is...himself.

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How to Vote in New York City: Do Not Follow the Instructions New York City Gives You

Democracy is a complex process! Never more so, apparently, than in New York City, where our Primary Elections last month turned into a complete and utter shitshow to the nth degree. So, how exactly, is one supposed to vote in New York City? Do we really need instructions to vote?

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NYT Finds Pretty Much All New Yorkers Like New York, Unless You Live in The Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn

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Stephanie Massaux
Just in time to counterbalance the Onion's recent post, "8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City A Horrible Place To Live", the New York Times has released their own version: "Surprise: Most New Yorkers Say They Like the City." More »

25 Clubs Better than The Harvard Club Who Will Not Reject Eliot Spitzer

Groucho Marx once said that he'd never want to be in any club that'd have him as a member. But what of those that don't? Just ask Eliot Spitzer, who the New York Times gets dishy on, revealing that the former governor of New York was rejected from The Harvard Club, his alma mater's cushy -- and apparently crusty -- midtown den. That's okay, because we've got a list of 25 Clubs both better than the Harvard Club and welcoming (if not welcome to the discussion) of Spitzer amongst their ranks.

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The Apocalypse and End of Williamsburg's 'Cool' Factor Has Arrived (Video)

What you're looking at here is a commercial that's recently started to be aired on television, for a high-rise condominium in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, called the Williamsburg Edge. Now that the word "Williamsburg" is being used as a descriptor to the rest of the world to sell places not in Williamsburg, how it Williamsburg being sold to the rest of the world?

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L-Train Riders: 10 Ways to Deal With This Weekend's L-Train Shutdown

If you haven't already noticed, if you live in Williamsburg -- or anywhere off the L-Train, really -- you're about to have the worst weekend commute maybe ever. So what are your options?

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