Is Urban Outfitters Stealing Work From Independent Designers AGAIN?

Oh, hi! Welcome to Urban Outfitters! We sell clothes made by people with twice our talent at four times the price!

Yet another independent designer is claiming Urban Outfitters has ripped off her work. A Tumblr user with the handle Glam-Trash posted screencaps of an Urban Outfitters shirt and a T-shirt design posted to Fresh Tops carrying a design she claims lifted from a book cover she created. (We are working on finding the original cover.) Urban Outfitters should know better than to rip off people with social media presences: The post has been reblogged nearly 50,000 times.

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Grand Central Apple Store Opens, Is Gigantic

photo (12).JPG
Thousands of people crammed into the Apple store in Grand Central for its opening today, and we decided to pop in and check it out. For a 23,000 square-foot flagship store, the new Apple store occupying the east balcony of Grand Central Terminal is pretty invisible. In fact, the most striking thing about the store is its seemingly negligible presence on the terminal. From ground level, the only things giving away the presence of the world's largest Apple store are the two glowing logos and the sardine-like density on the stairway.

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Urban Outfitters, Still Stealing Designs From Local Artists

If Urban Outfitters executives aren't shaking in their boots yet, they should be. Because based on this, and this, they've been caught red-handed stealing from online fashion and jewelry designers. It will have been a year ago tomorrow that Foster Kamer called out the mega-hipster monolith for stealing from Brooklyn's own. Today, Chicago blogger/jewelry designer Stevie Koerner discovered the company had stolen her design for a line she called "United States of Love," calling it instead the "I Heart Destination" line. As Koerner herself commented, "Not cool, Urban Outfitters. Not cool."

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Counterfeit Bag Ladies Could Go to Jail for Buying Fakes

Today in a New York Post Exclusive we learn of a new law being proposed that would terrify us to our core if we'd ever purchased any counterfeit bags. But since we haven't done much shopping at all, in fact, since that old recession, we can breathe easy -- for now. Still, it might behoove you, or someone you know, to be aware of the bill, which would mean buyers of counterfeit products could be jailed or given a fine of $1,000 if caught handing over cash for "Guchee's" on Canal Street.

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Vibrators Are Everywhere Now

Did you know you can buy vibrators at Duane Reade now? Well, you can. No longer are the illicit devices confined to the vague, grimy territory of sex shops, hidden in brown paper bags or unmarked boxes, purchased late at night on furtive shopping missions to "video stores" with blacked-out windows. As the New York Times explains in today's holy-shit-vibrators-really-are-everywhere-now piece, "They were rarely discussed, other than perhaps during a late-night girl-talk session fueled by many glasses of Pinot Grigio. But now you can find them advertised on MTV and boldly displayed at Duane Reade, Walgreens, and other mainstream drugstores, mere steps from the Bengay and Dr. Scholl's." Welcome to the world, vibrators! No longer must we be ashamed to see you! We can even discuss you without being drunk! (If you insist.)

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Woman Barred From Shopping at Victoria's Secret Throws Chili on Panties

Not available at Victoria's Secret.
"Woman Chili-Bombs Panties at Victoria's Secret" has to be your headline of the day. At least until someone dumps fried pickles all over the counter at an adult video store. (Send us your tips!) This happened: A woman infuriated at being barred from the Victoria's Secret in the Galleria mall in White Plains because of "an earlier shoplifting incident" took revenge by dumping a container of chili onto a display case, ruining 65 pairs of underwear with a value of $747.50. Not the Cheekies!

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Muammar Gaddafi Has a Secret Cash Stash; Dalai Lama to Step Down from Politics; Victoria's Secret Bags Make Women Feel Sexy!

• Despite an international freeze on much of his country's assets, Muammar Gaddafi continues to fight rebel forces in Libya thanks to the "tens of billions" of secret cash he has stashed away in Tripoli. This diminishes any impact economic sanctions might have, as well as letting Gaddafi pay "troops, African mercenaries, and political supporters in the face of a determined uprising." The U.S. national security team met yesterday to discuss how to oust Gaddafi; no decisions were made. Meanwhile, Gaddafi forces detained and beat a BBC news team earlier this week. [NYT, BBC]

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'The Running of the Brides' Is a Real Thing

brides running.jpg
via NYDN
Over 200 women flooded the Filene's Basement on the Upper West Side yesterday for an event, which is apparently annual, called "The Running of the Brides." It's basically just a wedding dress sale, but more awful. The Daily News found a crazy person/bride-to-be named Nikki Saucier and followed her as she fought tooth and nail to get the right dress for cheap.

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Notes From the UBS Bank Dress Code: The Most Amusing Bits

Dress code? We haven't had a dress code since we quit Brownies. But some people do. Some people have to wear, for instance, those leg-compressing torture chambers known as pantyhose, or businessperson skirt and jacket or pantsuits that never really smell fresh after the first wear, despite dry-cleaning. These people likely work at banks like UBS, which, via the Wall Street Journal, is sending a 43-page memo to its Swiss banking staff on how to dress to impress.

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American Apparel's Latest Ad Campaign Flaunts Its Pubes

American Apparel brings bush back.jpeg
American Apparel
It's been quite the roller-coaster year for American Apparel. Makers of "hipster" fashion turned-yuppy Ralph Lauren fashion have now turned... au naturale? Dov Charney has pulled a few strings before, but now that he's pulled the G-string, we can't help but wonder: Is bush back in?

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