What Will We Name The Cobra?

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Contest alert! The recently-located Bronx Zoo Egyptian cobra is still nameless, and we all have until 1 p.m. on Monday to submit our suggestions. The contest is run by the Bronx Zoo in conjunction with the Daily News and if you win...you'll win the honor of having named the most famous snake in New York. Nay, the country. So what kinds of names should we be considering? More »

Foursquare, MTV, & STDs -- When Too Much Information Might Not Be Enough

Foursquare, the application that allows people to broadcast their location to others, is offering a digital "badge" for checking in at STD-testing clinics. The promotion is part of MTV's "GYT: Get Yourself Tested" campaign to take away some of the embarrassment of doing just that. The only problem (and it's a biggie) is that the STD results aren't posted anywhere once the visit is announced -- not that they should be, but should they?

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GAH! These Bugs Are in New York City's Supposedly-Great Water

One of New York City's less-likely bragging points is that our tap water is supposedly both delicious and clean. The "deliciousness" of said water -- as "delicious" as water can be -- is easy to attest to. The cleanliness?

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Leonardo DiCaprio's "Biological Father" Is Searching for Him in the Voice's Classifieds

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A man claiming to be Leonardo DiCaprio's dad has revealed himself in a classified ad on the back cover of this week's Voice. No, we're not making this up, this is an actual, for-real, paid advertisement from a Michael Knute Ingebrethsen of Queens, seeking his allegedly estranged son.

We've reached out to Ingebrethsen several times for comment, but he has not returned our calls.

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Brooklyn's Largest Sandbox Opens Tomorrow, Will Become Union Pool for Brooklyn Toddlers

Big news, literally: Tomorrow, not only will ferry service between Brooklyn Bridge Park and Governor's Island begin, but the park will also open up a new constructed portion to the public. Dare you ask what amazing things await the public in this new part of Brooklyn Bridge Park?

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