The Village Voice Is a Designer-Toy Accessory

Gary Ham's SUCKset, complete with miniature Village Voice
NYC-reared antihero Sucklord may've been banished from BRAVO's Work of Art 10 days ago, but the self-proclaimed jerkbag looms larger than ever among his designer-toy colleagues. So much so that last week, fellow designer toymaker Gary Ham released a handmade wooden tribute, the SUCKset, a cartoon rendering of the man Morgan Phillips, complete with literal "rat tail" interpretation of Morgan's haircut and a tiny copy of the Suckadelic-splashed September 28, 2011 Village Voice.

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JFK Terminal Evacuated Due to 'Suspicious Package'; Donald Trump Ordered to Repay Golfer He Kicked Out of Club

• We're hearing that JFK's American Airlines terminal has been evacuated as officials investigate a suspicious package apparently left in a business class lounge by a man who boarded a flight to San Francisco. A bomb squad has been called after a bomb-sniffing dog alerted authorities to the bag. Update: An all-clear has been given. [NBC NY]

Donald Trump has been ordered by a Florida judge to return a $200,000 membership fee to Harry Theodoracopulos, 77, a man he kicked out of the club for being "verbally abusive" to caddies and talking too loudly on the course. Trump will appeal. [NYDN]

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Sutton Place Scooter Mystery Solved, With Help from New York Times

After months of unsolved mystery, the NYPD has closed the books on the cream-colored Vespa that's been sitting outside of 1 Sutton Place South -- just sitting there, not going anywhere, not even making a peep! -- for months. Via the New York Times City Room blog, "It was not stolen or lost," a Police Department spokesman said. "It was parked."

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Fur Coats for Dogs: A Stream-of-Consciousness Discussion

Dog Luxurious Faux Mink Coat.JPG
Dogs wearing fur coats! How do we feel about this? Well, it's complicated. On one hand, a dog has fur already. Isn't wearing a coat unnecessary, perhaps even hampering the chance for the dog's original fur to thrive and grow lush and shiny? Is it like when human hair is topped by a cheap Ricky's wig for, say, Halloween -- at the end of the night one comes out sticky, tousled, and very much in need of a good shampoo?

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Fancy Upper West Side Building Hires Its Own Creative Director

Ever felt that the seafoam green interior and moldy moldings of your Lower East Side walkup just don't "go" with the authentic door paint or vintage-scented elevator or occasional atmospheric shrieks and scufflings? Ah, if we lived at the Upper West Side's historic condo The Apthorp (residents have included Nora Ephron, Al Pacino, Cyndi Lauper, and Conan), things might be a little more aesthetically pleasing, or at least, for goodness sake, cohesive.

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New York Incomes Disparity Still Maddeningly Out of Control


​In case you were feeling a little too cheerful this holiday season, the Fiscal Policy Institute has a new report [pdf] to remind you about New York City's ever-widening income gap. According to the report, "if New York City were a nation, it would rank 15th worst among 134 countries with respect to income concentration, in between Chile and Honduras."

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Revenge of the Nerds: Invisalign 'Invisible Braces' Potentially Bad for You

It's a good day for dorks! Everyone knows that one preppy girl in their lives whose parents had enough money to buy her Invisalign, the plastic dentures that spare you the embarrassment of walking around with a mouth full of metal while making your teeth perfect over time. But those of us traumatized metalmouth has-beens, there's a victory for us. Invisalign received a warning today from the FDA for not disclosing information about the potentially fatal allergic reactions customers sometimes get from their products.More »

Courageous Civilian Attempts to Rein the Marc Jacobs-ification of the West Village

Per Curbed today, there is a grassroots force fighting the good fight against Marc Jacobs' slow and steady, and then fast and furious, takeover of the West Village. Gary Stern, a resident of Abingdon Square, will stop at nothing (well, maybe he'd stop for a generous gift card?) to keep Bleecker Street and its environs -- which currently sport six Marc Jacobs stores with a cafe on the way -- from getting too "fancy."

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Socialite Daphne Guinness Sued for Flooding Less Important People's Apartment With Her Bath Water

Pre- or post-bath? Only she and God know.
Oh, rich people problems. Beer-fortune-inheritress and apparent anti-water-conservationist Daphne Guinness, she of the crazy stripey hair and Gaga-esque footwear, is being positively persecuted by her downstairs neighbors at her Fifth Avenue apartment (the former Stanhope) for accidentally causing a flood or four in their apartment. They've even asked a judge to bar her from taking any more baths until she can control herself and "learn to bathe responsibly." Pshaw!

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In America, the ATMs Will Soon Spew Gold

Suddenly out of gold, and out of reach of your trusty gold bullion dealer? In America, these problems get fixed once they get realized. And apparently the problem has been realized. Las Vegas and Florida will get these awesome, or awesomely terrifying, ATMs that dispense gold bars ranging in size from 1 to 28 grams, plus international coins, in the next year.

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