Howard Smith, Legendary Voice Writer, Dead at 77

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Co-directors Sarah Kernochan and Howard Smith accepting the Academy Award for their 1972 documentary Marjoe.
"H. Smith" is a designation that spans two drawers and more than a foot of hand-typed index cards in the Village Voice card catalogue. The cards say things like:

1. Anglomania among German rock groups 2. Never trust the Transit Authority 3. David Krotz publishes "How to Hide Almost Anything" 4. Ivan Karp and Soho Chinese Restuarant 5. The First Annual Broadway Drag Race--with dresses, not cars

page 20


1. Pseudo-sheiks in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 2. more on biorhythmics 3. new single recording, "Why?," eulogizes Nixon. 4. establishment of Habit Controllers, Inc., behavior modifiers

page 18

Howard Smith, the Voice's legendary "Scenes" columnist, passed away on Thursday. He was 77.

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Joe Frazier: No One's Second Banana

Joe Frazier's death on Monday from liver cancer was overshadowed by the Penn State sex abuse scandal. Wasn't that always the way with Joe? Something or somebody always seemed to steal his thunder.

He was one of the greatest heavyweight champions who ever lived, losing fights only to Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. Yet, he was perpetually in someone's shadow. Some sportswriters went so far as to refer to him as "a second banana." His great trainer, the late Eddie Futch -- the man whom Frazier never forgave for throwing in the towel in the 14th round of the Ali-Frazier Thrilla in Manilla -- once told me, "Remember this about Joe: he ain't no one's second banana."

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