The Boggsville Boatel, a Boat Hotel and Art Project, Is Completely Booked for the Summer

Photo via Flux Factory
As part of its ongoing campaign to prove that the Rockaways are the new Williamsburg, the New York Times brings us word of the Boggsville Boatel, a not-for-profit art project by Constance Hockaday. The Boatel is a small flotilla of abandoned and repurposed sea-faring vessels moored around a floating movie theater where water-themed films and lectures are screened. Viewing options include documentaries about houseboat communities, Jaws, and vintage porn.

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Daylight Saving Time Is Messing With You

If you feel tired, or ill, or weird, or just not yourself today, you have every right to feel that way! According to doctors at Loyola University, daylight saving can actually be hazardous to your health. The first Monday after we change the clocks (that's today), there's a higher risk of heart attacks, traffic accidents, and workplace injuries. This is because you probably slept 40 minutes less than usual, and, God knows, you're not getting enough sleep in the first place. There, doesn't that make you feel better?

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Alex Alvarez Escapes MediaBistro for Abrams Gulag of Mediaite

Who among New York City's media set has never read a single MediaBistro mailer or blog? Nobody. Which is strange, because it's not like they break crazy news or anything! But it is a clearing house for two things: (1) Everything That Happens in Media, Especially in New York City and (2) Good Talent, who peaces the fuck out of there as soon as someone offers them a salary that's slightly above what bad subway buskers rake in, because even those guys make more than MediaBistro bloggers. Such is the case with Fishbowl NY blogger Alex Alvarez, whose hard work has finally paid off with a job in the Dan Abrams Gulag of Media. Press Clips, Day 24, The MediaBistro Conspiracy Edition.More »

Sad Things for Lonely People: Resort for Men With Virtual Girlfriends

via CNet
It's always good to get away for a much-needed vacay with your honey, even when your honey is not actually a real, live, human person, right? No judgments! At least, not at Atami, a Japanese hot-springs resort themed on Konami's Nintendo DS dating simulation game Love Plus, which also comes as an augmented-reality app for iPhones.

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Betsey Johnson Revamps Eloise's $995-per-Night Room at the Plaza (Photos)

Eloise, the mischievous children's book character who famously lived in the "room on the tippy-top floor" of the Plaza Hotel, has had her digs redone by Betsey Johnson, and they're available for booking today. Johnson, known for bold, eccentric, and oft-wacky clothing designs, "tweaked her style" to the setting of a child's dream room and put together just the floor-to-ceiling black-and-pink multi-patterned space to have adults running for a Buddhist monastery, or the dentist. Oh, to trade places with a spoiled six-year-old...

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New York Tours Are as Diverse and Disturbing as New Yorkers Themselves

nyc tourist.jpg
Crazy celebrity stalkers and morbid ghost-seekers unite for a two-hour tour of the city's sites of notorious deaths (Heath Ledger, Keith Haring, Sid Vicious, "Crazy Joe" Gallo, Thomas Paine, to name a bunch)! And the tour vehicle is no smiley double-decker bus -- it's a hearse (actually a 1960 Cadillac Superior Crown Royale combination hearse) driven by Drew Raphael, previously a television marketing director, who started Dead Apple Tours. We thought this tour was a shocking departure from the typical boring old NYC bus tours, but then we did a little digging and found plenty of other cracked-out New York tours that might strike your fancy.

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Brooklyn's Largest Sandbox Opens Tomorrow, Will Become Union Pool for Brooklyn Toddlers

Big news, literally: Tomorrow, not only will ferry service between Brooklyn Bridge Park and Governor's Island begin, but the park will also open up a new constructed portion to the public. Dare you ask what amazing things await the public in this new part of Brooklyn Bridge Park?

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