American Workaholic Nation Now Gets Stressed from Vacation

Oooh, stressful!
We're such a country of hard workers and upwardly mobile, always-on-the-go sorts that it seems we can't even relax when we're on vacation. According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent survey revealed that only 53% of those of us who work come back feeling rejuvenated after vacation, and 30% keep thinking about work the whole time we're away.

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Bros Icing Bros: The Media Conspiracy, Unveiled

Have you been subjected to the braindead drinking war-dance ritualism that is Bros Icing Bros? It involves you, everyone you know, the existential nature of the universe, and The Closest Carbonated Beverages Can Get to Resembling Sweetened Fizzy Piss, Smirnoff Ice. The most recent development involved the New York Times (after closely following RUNNIN SCARED DOT COM's airtight coverage) embarking on their own deep cover mission into Bros Icing Bros. Now that the Bros Icing Bros media coverage gap between humble web logs and Mainstream Media Outlets like the New York Times and CNN has been closed, one could argue that this viral sensation the media discovered has reached fever pitch! Not so fast.

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