Literally No One Is Happy About the Massive Parole Center Being Built in Gowanus

Categories: Brooklyn

Katie Toth
Construction continues on November 12 at the Brooklyn parole headquarters in Gowanus.
If a good compromise is one in which neither side is happy, then New York's prison system leaders should be proud of themselves for angering just about everyone with their decision to build a giant facility for ex-criminals in the middle of Gowanus. Except it kind of wasn't really a compromise at all. And they're actually being sued.

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The Word Those 'Wimps' at the New York Post Won't Publish

Categories: Media, Tab Libs

The lead story on the New York Post's website a little before 9 a.m. on Tuesday was headlined "Osama bin Laden 'died like a pussy.' " After 9 a.m., the headline became "Osama bin Laden 'died like a wimp.' "

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Yes, It's Going to Be Freezing This Weekend. No, It's Not a 'Polar Vortex'

Categories: Weather

Photo credit: Jonathan Percy via Flickr
Winter 2013-14 was a real pain.

Last winter, after parts of the eastern United States, including NYC, suffered an extended cold snap that broke all-time records in some places, the media latched onto the term: "polar vortex." It sounded movie-title-ish, like a sequel to The Day After Tomorrow, and so was bound to catch on. And it did.

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Podcast: It's Our All 'Daily Show' Week With 'Foxcatcher' and 'Rosewater'

Categories: Film and TV

Steve Carell and Channing Tatum in Foxcatcher.
It's a special Daily Show edition of the Voice Film Club podcast, as we talk about Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher (starring Steve Carell) and move on to Rosewater, the movie Jon Stewart left The Daily Show for three months in 2013 to direct. Both are in theaters starting November 14.

Here's a full rundown of this week's podcast. Click on the links to read more about each topic.

- The Hobbit movies aren't just movies, they are play dates (3:30)
- Foxcatcher (8:10)
- Rosewater (21:41)
- The story of a group of kids who re-shot Raiders of the Lost Ark in the '80s (35:05)
- Beyond the Lights (51:50)

Be sure to follow our hosts on Twitter: Alan Scherstuhl (@studiesincrap), Stephanie Zacharek (@szacharek), and Amy Nicholson (@theamynicholson).

All the Young Jews: In the Village of Kiryas Joel, New York, the Median Age Is 13

Categories: Longform

Abandoned toys litter the village. Tricycles are toppled on lawns. Red wagons rest beneath mailboxes. Big Wheels are strewn across apartment-complex courtyards. Hundreds of toys are sprawled over these 691 acres, but there's not a child in sight. It's midmorning, and all the kids are in school.

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Serial List-Maker WalletHub to Newark: You're Unhappy, Bad for Business, and You Hate Vets

Categories: Media

Photo credit: Underpuppy via Compfight cc
Newark is catching flak from some flack's sorta flimsy ranking.
WalletHub, some kind of financial-social-media-maker-of-surveys thingy*, has dropped a bit of a shitstorm onto our downtrodden neighbors to the west.

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Here's Late Voice Theater Critic Jerry Tallmer Doing a Proto-Takedown of the Times

Categories: Culture

Gin Briggs
Jerry Tallmer in 1962.
Lately, it's fashionable to eviscerate the establishment's status quo (see: The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, what Keith Olbermann used to do), either on television or in blog-post form, and then after that decimation, there comes another blog post recapping it, thus continuing the cycle.

Well, consider this annihilation recap blog post 57 years late: Below is Village Voice co-founder and theater critic Jerry Tallmer dismantling a review of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot in the New York Times.

The production at the Barrymore Theatre on 47th Street west of Broadway, was an encore to the prior year's blockbuster New York premiere that starred Bert Lahr. It was helmed by the same producer, Michael Myerberg, and touted in the Voice (and, presumably, elsewhere) as "Negro Godot": Under the direction of Herbert Berghof (who'd also directed the original), all the cast members were black, from Earle Hyman as Vladimir and Mantan Moreland as Estragon to Rex Ingram (Pozzo) and Geoffrey Holder (Lucky).

Tallmer, who left the Voice for the New York Post in 1962, created the Obie Awards in 1956. He died Sunday in Manhattan, just a few weeks shy of his 94th birthday. Read more about Tallmer's impact on the downtown arts scene and the Voice in Michael Feingold's obituary.

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Pranksters Buy GlobalAmbassador.NYC Domain Name, Mock Taylor Swift Campaign

Categories: Pranks

Everyone laughed at ol' man Bloomberg when dot-NYC domains became available and his lawyers bought up 400 of them, including,,,,, and

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being a Cam Girl But Were Afraid to Ask

Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith
Stoya at Exxxotica. See more Exxxotica 2014 photos.
At the end of a winding road within a nondescript corporate park in Edison sits the New Jersey Convention and Expo center, a grim gray building with an illuminated quick-change sign out front, the kind that usually shouts "GO TIGERS" or "2 FOR 1 WELL DRINKS." This one reads "WELCOME TO EXXXOTICA 2014." The building seems like the sort that hosts SATs -- until you open the doors and are hit by a wave of deafening techno and ass cheeks as far as the eye can see.

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Jerry Tallmer, Creator of the Obies and a Village Voice Founding Editor, Dies at 93

Categories: Obies, Obituary

Thumbnail image for jerry-tallmer-gin-briggs.jpg
Gin Briggs
Jerry Tallmer in 1962.
Jerry Tallmer, one of the Village Voice's founding editors and the creator of the Village Voice Obie awards, died Sunday morning, just a month short of his 94th birthday. For those who knew him or his achievements, it will take some effort to imagine New York, the Village, and the downtown arts scene continuing without the presence of his observant eye. Nothing escaped Jerry. As the Voice's first Associate Editor, with a passionate interest in every new development in politics and the arts, he recruited and nurtured many of the extraordinary contributors who established the Voice's reputation: Jules Feiffer, Nat Hentoff, Jonas Mekas, Jill Johnston, and Andrew Sarris were among his edit clients.

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Everything You Need to Know About New York City's New Marijuana Possession Policy

Categories: Marijuana

dankdepot via Flickr
You can get away with carrying more than this.
The New York City Police Department announced Monday that officers will be adopting new guidelines when it comes to marijuana possession stops. What does that mean for you? Here's what you need to know, you goddamn hippie:

See Also: A Day in the Life of Your Friendly Neighborhood Weed Messenger

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Commuters Are Mesmerized by Fulton Center, Lower Manhattan's 'Futuristic' New Transit Hub

Categories: Transportation

Katie Toth
Nicolas Ryan, 44, snaps a photo while Nadiv and Asean Maqami take in the new space.
New Yorkers are people who rarely stand still, especially on their commute.

But this morning, the Voice counted about 50 people taking photos, staring at the ceiling, wandering leisurely, and talking with friends -- in the subway, of all places.

Fulton Center, the much-hyped and long-awaited redesigned subway station serving the financial district, was unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday. The station's centerpiece is its 53-foot-diameter glass oculus over the main atrium. Within the glass cone sits the "sky reflector-net," an art piece made of "112 tensioned cables, 224 high-strength rods and nearly 10,000 stainless steel components," according to an MTA press release.

"I'm really impressed," says Nicolas Ryan, who says he spent two and a half years with Grimshaw Architects as a project manager turning the center from an idea into a reality. "This was a really challenging integration."

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How to Shop for the Holidays at a Porn Convention

Categories: Culture

All photos by Nate "Igor" Smith
A stocking-stuffer spotted at the Exxxotica expo in Edison, New Jersey.
The holidays are fast approaching, with the accompanying seasonal joy, department store stampedes, and mommy-on-mommy assault charges. To help you avoid disappointing everyone you love with boring gift cards, we went to the Exxxotica love and sex expo in Edison, New Jersey, over the weekend and found a perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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How New York City's New Plan to Ticket Instead of Arrest for Pot Could Backfire

Categories: Marijuana

Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office
Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton are set to hold a press conference at 1 Police Plaza on Monday
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Bill Bratton are reportedly ready to announce a big change in the way the NYPD deals with low-level pot arrests. Police officers will begin issuing tickets for pot possession rather than making an arrest, according to a report published by the New York Times on Sunday. The change would mean anyone found in possession of a small amount of pot would be given a notice to show up in court, rather than put in handcuffs and hauled down to the station, where they would have to be fingerprinted and have a mugshot taken.

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Undercover Investigator Smuggles $22,000 Worth of Drugs Into Rikers in His Pockets

Categories: Drugs

DOI report
Getting a whole bunch of drugs into Rikers Island is super easy.
Rikers Island has not been having a good year PR-wise, to put it mildly.

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Power Rankings: The Worst Catcall Parody Videos

With more than 35 million views, the video of Shoshana Roberts walking through Manhattan and being subjected to dozens and dozens of catcalls from men about her appearance and figure pulled back the curtain on an uglier part of our culture. It also spawned several cringe-inducing parodies by enterprising dudes (mostly dudes, anyway) who wanna hop on the pageview train by offering comparisons between getting catcalled as as a woman alone in New York to, oh, trash-talk you might hear as an unshaven Jets bro walking through Union Square on a Sunday. Here are the worst, from worst to least-worst.

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Harlem Pastor Insists Starbucks is Spiking Lattes With Sodomite Semen

Categories: LGBTQ

Atlah Worldwide via YouTube
James David Manning
Red cup season is upon us once again and with it, hark! A raving homophobe. Anti-gay Harlem pastor James David Manning, he of "Obama has released the homo demons on the black man" notoriety, is back and he brings urgent news about your Gingerbread and Eggnog Lattes. Starbucks, he says, has spiked them not with rum (as per tradition) but semen. Not any old semen, either--the semen of Sodomites!

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With Longtime AIDS Care Center Rivington House Closing, Its Patients Are Left Anxious

Categories: Health Care

Thumbnail image for rivington-house-2.JPG
Katie Toth
Rivington House is closing, which means its outpatients have to decide where to go next.
With the closing of Rivington House fast approaching, patients at the Lower East Side care center for people with AIDS fear that they're going to get lower-quality care anywhere else.

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There Aren't as Many Rats as Humans in NYC. Stop Saying That

Photo credit: Arian Zwegers via Compfight cc
A recent study estimates that there are about 2 million rats in New York City, thus busting the urban myth that there are as many rats as people -- around 8 million -- in the Big Apple.

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Ten Things to Do for $10 or Less This Weekend, Nov. 7-9, 2014

Categories: Culture

Be dazzled at the first annual New York Festival of Light.
This weekend, food and art intersect in three different galleries, one of which involves the actual French fries of 100 different New York restaurants. Also: Megan Amram of Parks and Recreation explains science to the modern woman, enormous sculptures made out of canned food occupy the Financial District, and the first annual Festival of Light illuminates DUMBO.

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