Kimani Gray's Mother and City Council Member Seek Indictments from Brooklyn DA

Atiq Zabinski with OccupyTVNY
Councilman Charles Barron with Carol Gray, mother of slain teenager.
The mother of a Brooklyn teen gunned down by two Brooklyn police officers stepped out of a meeting with the district attorney Thursday to deliver harsh words for a department she believes is deeply racist.

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Carol Gray, the mother of Kimani Gray, a 16 year-old of Guyanese and Jamaican descent who was shot to death by police in East Flatbush last month, argued the NYPD's treatment of communities of color is radically different than its practices in predominantly white neighborhoods.

"The community we come from, is like, these police officers, they're white supremacists," Gray told reporters outside district attorney Charles Hynes' Brooklyn office. "They have no value for black childrens' life. They don't know how they get along. They don't know how they get education. They don't know nothing about them."

Gray said young people in her community are never addressed "like a real civilian" with "'Hello, how you doing?' or 'Can I speak to you for a minute?'"

"No," she said. "It's never that."

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Barclays Center's Security Put Jay-Z Fans Through the Wringer. Streisand Fans, Not So Much. Was It Racist?

Jason Lewis
If you went to the Jay-Z concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last month, getting into the arena probably felt like you were getting on an airplane -- concertgoers were put through airport-style metal detectors.

However, if you caught Barbara Streisand at the same venue last week, the same security measures were not in place -- security officers used a much less intrusive metal-detecting wand to check concertgoers for weapons.

The two different policies for two different performers -- who have two very, very (very) different fan bases -- caused a bit of a stir; charges of racism were made against the arena for putting rap fans through the wringer, while Streisand fans were only checked with a wand.

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Barack Obama Depicted As a Witch Doctor In Is It Racist?

Is it racist?
A business owner in New Jersey is catching a lot of shit lately over a display in front of his store that depicts President Barack Obama as a witch doctor.

The display -- in front of the Skuby & Co. Lifestyle Clothing company in Spring Lake --  shows the president's face superimposed on the body of a witch doctor. Underneath the image is the word "ObamaCare."

It also includes a tombstone with a picture of Obama holding a stethoscope with the words, "I Told You I Was Sick" written on it. There's also a mannequin wearing a hat with the acronym "F.Y.B.O.," presumably meaning "fuck you, Barack Obama."

Some people like the display, while others find it offensive -- some even say it's racist.

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