Where's Lionel? The Search for a Missing Box Turtle

As we've reported, Lionel the Box Turtle escaped from the Inwood Nature Center on December 1st to little fanfare. Poor Lionel. Cobras and peacocks are just flashier than turtles. But the little guy is still missing, out in the urban jungle. We've decided to deepen our investigation into where Lionel could be.

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Breaking: Shooting on the A Train [Updated]

A train shooting.png
About 20 minutes ago, @Breaking911 tweeted that there was a shooting at the entrance of an A train in Harlem. The shooting occurred at West 125th and St. Nicholas Avenue. The victim is said to be in serious condition.

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Mark Malkoff, Free Cab Rides Guy, Now Riding Around NYC in Cube

Comedian Mark Malkoff is known for pulling various stunts around the city. We last wrote about him when he commandeered a taxi for one day in order to give New Yorkers free cab rides. His most well-known move was living in IKEA for a week in 2009. Today, Malkoff is spending his time touring New York City -- in a mobile plexiglass cube.

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Elizabeth Taylor at Christie's: Showcasing the 1% of the 1%

Window outside Christie's
An auction of all of Elizabeth Taylor's clothing, art, personal movie memorabilia, and most importantly, her jewelry, appropriately titled "The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor, is going on at Christie's through December 16th. A corresponding exhibition is up through the 12th. You can also buy several forms of catalogues to help guide you through the exhibition (Christie's is really milking this one). The insanely ornate display features famous items such as Dame Elizabeth's various wedding dresses, the rubies Mike Todd gave her for swimming, and the 33-karat Taylor-Burton diamond. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. The jewelry alone is valued at $150 million. Talk about the tippity-top of the 1%.

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Is It Raining? Handy Website Will Tell You!

Are you somewhere with no windows right now? Like an office, or maybe solitary confinement in Rikers? Do you have to go outside soon, and are unsure of what shoes or outerwear to throw on? We can help you.

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Mo Staches Mo Problems: A November Series on Facial Hair, Continued

We're hitting the tail end of Movember. After weeks of growth, each moustache is full and proud, like that of a walrus. We hit up the office of travel startup Wanderfly to check on their Movember team's progress. Guys at the company were encouraged to join by team captain Cezary Pietrzak, who said he "bullied everyone into participating." Cezary started a team for local startups, and also alerted us to this delightful chart on the trustworthiness of beards and moustaches. You can donate to the team here, and continue on for priceless quotes about magical 'mos.

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A Report From the Sanitation Building Holding OWS' Stuff: Lost Medical Equipment, Missing Cash

Inside the 57th Street Sanitation Site
Protesters who had their belongings taken away during the Zuccotti raid have been told by the city to pick up their items at the Sanitation Building at 650 W 57th Street. In a tweet from the Mayor's office, occupiers were informed that they could pick up their safely-stowed belongings. This was not the case. Most protesters found their items in disrepair or completely broken. Tents were ripped, locks were broken, and cash boxes were missing. Reports of what's been going on at the sanitation site prompted us to go check it out for ourselves.

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FDNY vs. NYPD in Charity Boxing Match for Wounded Veteran

This Saturday, the NYPD and FDNY are occupying (ha!) Madison Square Garden for a good cause. The NYPD Fighting Finest will fight the FDNY Bravest in the Battle of the Badges, a boxing match for charity. The boxing match is happening just a week after Veterans Day and benefits former soldiers. The proceeds will go to Long Island's Lt. James Byler, who lost both of his legs fighting in Afghanistan.

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HopStop Now Helps You Find Stroller and Wheelchair Friendly Routes

Hopstop, the website immediately bookmarked by all recent transplants to NYC and used by you whenever you are forced to head into uncharted territory, has added a new feature to make commuting easier. Using the subway when you have a baby, injury, or disability can be practically impossible, and this feature, a tool that enables users to search for wheelchair and stroller accessible routes, aims to help.

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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Beard: A November Series on Facial Hair

The second week of November is upon us! And thus the fine gentlemen participating in Movember have developed their creepy facial hair even further. Moustaches that were once wisps reminiscent of an untweezed female upper lip are now patchy, pubescent and stubbly. We checked in with the guys at Practical Law's Midtown offices to see how their mo's were holding up.

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