Andrew Cuomo: Free Gas Coming To New York. Psych!

Just kidding.

Over the weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a press release announcing that thousands of gallons of gas were en route to New York and limited amounts would be available to residents free of charge. The free fuel would be delivered in several Department of Defense tanker trucks that were to be parked at various locations throughout the city.

That, it turns out, was bullshit.

We got the press release on Saturday morning. It was then posted on the governor's website, and his Facebook page. The gas giveaway was reported in various local and national media outlets -- including Fox News. It was even announced by borough presidents.

But when people showed up to cash in on the free fuel -- in some cases waiting in lines for hours -- the free gas never arrived.

The press release was then mysteriously removed from the governor's website and his Facebook page -- but no explanation was offered. The press release, however, was not removed from our inbox -- and you can read it in its entirety below.  

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