New York's Shield Law Protects Reporter From Subpoena

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Shield law to protect journalists finds success in an unlikely place.
It came in a strange context, but New York's "shield law" seems to have done its job recently, helping a reporter protect his sources and work products after he was subpoenaed to testify in an Oklahoma divorce case.

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The NYPD's a Little Confused About How the Freedom of Information Law Works

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They've apparently had the details wrong for, um, a few years.
The NYPD hasn't had the best track record when it comes to fulfilling requests under New York's Freedom of Information Law. Demands for NYPD documents under FOIL -- which is supposed to make accessing public information simple and relatively quick -- routinely lead to lawsuits and long delays.

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Is Exposing Racist A-Holes OK If Those Racist A-Holes Are High School Kids?

As we reported earlier, there's a racist "tweet" war waging against re-elected President Barack Obama. The words "nigger" and "monkey" are popular slurs directed at the president by presumably white morons who are upset that they must endure four more years of Obama (gasp!).

But many of these racist assholes aren't your run-of-the-mill, bearded, hillbillies from bum-fuck Arkansas -- they're dopey high school kids, some of whom are from New York.

There's nothing we love more than exposing a-holes for the a-holes they are -- and subsequently making their lives as difficult as humanly possible. But we also took a few journalism ethics courses, where we learned that -- with a few exceptions -- kids are off limits, regardless of how ignorant they may be.

That said, Jezebel over the weekend published a brilliant blog post that not only named several of these racist, teenage idiots, but called their high schools. In some cases, the website contacted colleges at which the students (supposedly) were set to receive scholarships.

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