'I Love You' Is the New 'I'm Stealing Your iPhone'

Do not be caught off guard!
This is a crime story! There's apparently a new breed of criminal, a foul and despicable creature, who employs a hug and the words "I love you" to distract his victims, thereby allowing an accomplice to swiftly steal their most valuable possessions! This person and his friend have been dubbed the "I Love You" Bandits, and they recently stole an iPhone from a woman in Brooklyn with this very technique. They are vile indeed. They may be roaming the streets of your neighborhood. And they do not love you!

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Waste Time With The Jim Henson Google Doodle

Screen shot 2011-09-24 at 11.38.42 AM.png

Google Doodles are often inspired, but rarely are they as fun as today's celebrating the day that would have marked Jim Henson's 75th Birthday.

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Your Hotel Safe Isn't Safe

Do you use your hotel safe to store things when traveling? You might want to rethink that. Watch the video above, via Reddit.

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Young Male Model Is Extremely Shy

Oh, look at this strapping young fellow! His name is Clark Cord, and he is very handsome -- handsome enough to be a model (in fact, he is a model, having just won the VMAN model search). In order to keep his model-esque physique, Cord must work out in public, in the city, which means he must also take his shirt off in public, in the city. Sometimes he uses common city objects, like mailboxes, subway trains, traffic lights, escalators, and fire escapes as tools in his workout, because not only is he a male model, he is innovative and economical. After all, this is cheaper than a regular gym, as is using a giant concrete block to do bicep curls, as long as you don't hit yourself in the head with one of its jagged edges.

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L.E.S. Timeshare Backyard Offers Girls In Wet T-Shirts. Don't Worry, It's a Joke.

ts flyer.jpg
Remember the Timeshare Backyard on the Lower East Side? A group called The Participation Agency has been renting out a 3,200 square foot empty yard at 145 Ludlow for $50 an hour since August 11. You can bring your friends and play with water guns and slip 'n slides, jump on a trampoline, grill, drink your beer out of foam cozies, whatever you want. It's a cute idea but to be honest, we'd kind of forgotten that it was going on until today, when Jeremiah's Vanishing New York pinpointed a part of the flyer we hadn't noticed before.

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'Help a Reporter' Twitter Is Not Being Messed With, Says Man Behind Funny Tweets

Over at The Awl today, Choire Sicha wondered: who's messing with the Twitter of helpareporter.com, a service that helps reporters find sources for stories they're working on? @helpareporter was tweeting unlikely things like the following:

HARO 1.png

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JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports All Having Issues These Days

jfk airport .jpg
At Newark airport, your  flight will rarely be on time. At JFK, your stuff might get stolen: according to the Post, larcenies at Kennedy Airport are up 30 percent from the first half of 2010 (the most commonly stolen items are laptops and iPads). Looks like we're all booking out of LaGuardia! But LaGuardia is where seven percent of the luggage scales are faulty, potentially increasing baggage costs, and also where you might undergo an invasive three-minute frisking by the TSA. Greyhound bus, anyone? More »

Are You a Dude? You Have a 1 in 200 Chance of Being a Direct Descendant of Genghis Khan

From "Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea"
Using genetics, historical data and odds, scientists have concluded that 1 out of every 200 men in the world is a direct descendent of Genghis Khan. Discover Magazine reports that the Y chromosomes of roughly 0.5% of Earth's male population were directly passed down by the leader of the Mongol Empire. There is no way to determine which men are direct descendants of Genghis Khan, but if you are reading this while picking the flesh off your recently felled enemy, chances are you got a lil' Genghis in you.

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Motorcycle Crackdown in Northern Manhattan

Watch your bikes. Cops are cracking down on illegal, "dangerous" motorcycles "common in Northern Manhattan," says the NYPD. Twelve such motorcycles were seized over the weekend for being unregistered, uninsured, altered illegally, or part of the problem of noise pollution and generally hazardous conditions, reports DNA Info. (But isn't noise pollution sort of par for the course for all motorcycles?) Anyway, leave it to the authorities to infringe on our fun-filled freedoms, like driving around on a really obnoxiously loud bike, or buying a puppy, drunk.

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It's National Kissing Day. So, Kiss Already.

Not only is today George W. Bush's 65th birthday, and Nancy Reagan's 90th, and the birthday of that girl we went to high school with who dated that one guy before we did (#grudges), it's also National (or International, depending on who you make out with) Kissing Day. This is important, because if you're going to lip-lock with someone, you might as well have the backing of the nation. Or the WORLD! Furthering the cause is a recent study by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University that says that the more men kiss and cuddle in relationships, the happier they are. Aw.

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