Fashion Week: Kanye West Causes Frenzy at Hood by Air; Duckie Brown Reinvents the Manservant

Araceli Cruz
Kanye knows good fashion

As much as we love floral skirts, it's the men's fashion collections that are wildly entertaining and beyond brilliant this Fashion Week.

Sunday morning, while most of New York was deep in slumber, we headed off to Milk Studios for Hood by Air, the menswear collection led by creative director Shayne Oliver, which always puts a gender spin to the line that is beloved by rappers.

One artist in the front row who induced mass hysteria in photographers and fashion spectators alike was none other than Mr. Kanye West.

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CNN Money Deftly Avoids Use of N-Word

cnn money kanye .png

You would never guess what the real lyrics are!


Fashion's Night Out Was Last Night, It Seems

Kanye West had a better Fashion's Night Out than you. He called it "the best night" of his life "uuuum so far." The New York Times, in a more staid description, called it "the unofficial start of fall fashion." But according to Times writer Stuart Emmrich, "it did one more thing on Friday night": it killed the Sex and the City fantasy, our nation's twelve-year nightmare. Also, Entourage! "It returned the meatpacking district to actual New Yorkers." But is this something New Yorkers want back? Do they even deserve it? Shouldn't it belong to the, um, meat workers?

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Kanye West vs. Budget Kanye West: A Tweet-Off

Budget Kanye West.jpeg
Yesterday we wrote about Kanye West's new Twitter. As Zach points out in SOTC's Week in Review, it's now been joined by the Budget Kanye West account (@budgetkanyewest). Budget Kanye tweets about deals he finds at Wal-Mart and reminds us that kitchen shears are a ripoff if you already have scissors. His location is Forever 21, and his website is

Herewith, a tweet-off between the lavish Kanye and his thrifty cousin:

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Kanye West's Twitter Account Getting Huge, Fast

If you've been living under a rock or something, you may not have noticed that the one and only Kanye West has opened a Twitter account. He's only had it for a day, and as of this posting has over 265,000 followers, meaning he's been garnering about 80 followers a second. How long will it take for 'Ye to climb to the top of the Twitter follower heap?

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