A Kickstarter to Hold Stingy Landlords Accountable For Withholding Heat

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Heat Seek via Kickstarter
The Heat Seek cell records the air temperature every hour.
Veraline McFarlane has lived in the same apartment for more than 20 years, but this past winter was uncommonly brutal for the Crown Heights resident. She had to use her oven and three space heaters to try to warm the place up. Her electric bill more than doubled in the process, but she says, "I'm asthmatic, I cannot sleep without heat."

It hasn't always been this bad; McFarlane traces the problems to the moment her new landlord bought the building two years ago. "Since this landlord took over the building, we go days without heat. And when it does come on, he gives you ten, fifteen minutes in the morning; ten, fifteen minutes in the evening."

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How Realistic Is a Luxury Campground at Rockaway Beach?

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Camp Rockaway via Kickstarter
A rendering of Camp Rockaway, ca. 2015.
If you are one of the curmudgeons who spurned Rockaway Beach for Coney Island shortly after the Rockabus began depositing Williamsburgians on the former's sandy, trash-strewn shores, then you were probably none too pleased to learn of the campaign to add a campground to the already insufferably twee summer hotspot.

Known as Camp Rockaway, the proposed campground is fashioned in the image of the beach's turn-of-the-century tent colonies, but outfitted like a Wes Anderson set, complete with campfires, hammocks, hot tubs, and aesthetically pleasing signage.

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Meet Noman, Elmo's Bitter, Unemployed Cousin

Somewhere in Brooklyn there is a muppet that's been kept out of the spotlight, shadowed by his famous cousin, Elmo, and other too-successful relatives. His name is Noman, and he is four. He would be the black sheep of the family, except he is a muppet, and orange. Our heart goes out to him. Oh! But he has a Kickstarter, upon which this is revealed:
Noman is tired of everyone comparing him to Elmo and saying that he is a failure because he doesn't have a show. But he knows the truth about Elmo and he wants to confront and expose him for the evil little monster he is.
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Occupy! Gazette Flooding the Occupy Wall Street Print Media Zone

occupy gazette .jpg
Because the Occupied Wall Street Journal apparently doesn't fill the print media needs of the movement, n+1 is following up their personals ads with the Occupy! Gazette. According to the project's Kickstarter, n+1 recruited Astra Taylor, the documentary filmmaker who made Zizek! and Sarah Leonard, who writes for Dissent magazine, to put together the Gazette. It's supposed to be a "history, both personal and documentary, and the beginning of an analysis of the first month of the occupation."

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Should Journalists Make Kickstarter Donations? We Ask Randy Cohen, The (Original) Ethicist and Kickstarter User

Our man Randy Cohen
It's been six months since the New York Times Magazine replaced Randy Cohen, the four-time Emmy Award winner who wrote the Ethicist column for 12 years and made the rounds as a congenial moral-principle purveyor everywhere from NPR to Oprah. Since his winter departure, the former Letterman writer has been trying to develop A Question of Ethics, a call-in audio show of "moral advice without a lot of damn moralizing." The long-term goal appears to be shaping the project into something public radio would sponsor, but in the short-term, Cohen's taken to crowdsourced-fundraising site Kickstarter in the hopes of financing a kind of radio-show demo, three-months' worth of weekly 10-minute podcasts.

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