David Petraeus Gets Heckled by CUNY Students on His Way to Class [VIDEO]

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Yesterday a pretty insane video surfaced of David Petraeus making his way to class with CUNY students hectoring him the whole way. We get it, kids. Petraeus did some bad stuff as Director of the CIA. But compared to that crazed heckling, the guy comes off looking positively angelic. See the whole video after the jump.

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The Makery Pops Up in Brooklyn

John Des Roches
Kids and adults can stop by The Makery to learn to use technology like the 3D printer shown above
Mario, the action figure, sits atop a paper rocket while a group of kids eagerly wait to blast him off. A loud pop fills the room and the rocket, along with Mario, shoots from a launcher, soaring high towards the ceiling and skimming the bottom of a light fixture.

One boy, the owner of both Mario and the red and green decorated rocket, leads the pack of running and screaming kids across the room as they check to see if Mario's OK.

"Mario made it," shouts the boy to the rest of the group; everyone cheers.

While this all might seem like an afternoon adventure a la The Goonies, it's actually part of a programming series put on by The Makery.

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Behavior Problems Continue To Plague Bronx School; 8-Year-Old Charged With Slashing Classmate With Razor

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When school officials at P.S. 132 in Morrisania said last month that behavior problems were rampant at the school, they apparently weren't kidding. The latest episode involves a student slashing a classmate with a razor. That student, police say, is 8 years old.

According to police, the 8-year-old slashed his 9-year-old classmate in the neck with the razor as the two were fighting at the school's Bronx campus yesterday afternoon.

The victim was taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital where he received stitches to close the wound.

Last month, school officials at P.S. 132 cancelled graduation because the students were out of control. The ceremony was replaced by a "Moving Up Day," but only certain students were allowed to participate.

"They're separated, they're not in groups, they have cliques, they don't work together, they're fighting amongst each other," one parent told a local TV news station at the time.

Officials at the school did not immediately respond to the Voice's request for comment.

The 8-year-old was booked on one count of juvenile assault. His case will be heard in family court.

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Bloomberg's Budget Cuts Brooklyn's After-School Programs in Half

As of now, the Out of School Time program reaches 154 schools in Brooklyn. According to its website, it offers "a mix of academic, recreational and cultural activities for young people (grades K-12) after school" and is free of charge. It's also a relief to parents who work longer hours and rely on the program to watch over their children into the evening.

But, according to a new report out by The Daily News, it looks like almost 10,000 kids in Brooklyn who participate in the program are out of luck this fall.

The OST program houses 52,567 students every weekday city-wide. This number will be halved once the budget cuts from Bloomberg's administration are installed. Here's the data: this year, the budget was $91.5 million; next time school is in session, the funds will have dropped to $73.3 million. Instead of 154 programs, Brooklyn will be left with 77 overloaded OST's, pushing 10,000 kids out of the program. And none of the parents involved are too happy about it.

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Parents Now Pushing Unneeded Surgeries on Obese Kids

We're guessing that Dr. Ben Spock wouldn't suggest this...

The New York Times reports that parents of obese kids are increasingly treating gallbladder ailments by having their children undergo invasive operations to remove the organ.

Here's the thing: Most of the time, the kids don't need surgery -- their problems could be corrected with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise.

Obesity now causes most gallbladder disease in minors -- and some four times as many are being removed as in 1990.

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Park Problems: Another Audit Warns of Dangers to Kids (UPDATE)

About a month after the Voice reported that the Parks Department was slow to fix dodgy conditions in some playgrounds, yet another Comptroller John Liu report puts to question the handling of money and health regulations.

The specific site is Brooklyn's Paerdegat Athletic Club, now run by Fitmar Managment.

Some three years ago, the Comptroller's office found that the club was rife with problems -- but the most recent analysis suggests that little has been done to fix these financial and sanitary flubs.

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Bloomberg Backs Breastfeeding: Report

In an article titled "Mike: Do What's Breast for Baby" (no, really), the New York Post reveals the Mayor's plans to boost breastfeeding at city hospitals.

"He's cracked down on smoking, trans fats, salt and sugary drinks. And now, Mayor Bloomberg is promoting a new health initiative: breast feeding," the paper notes. "The Health Department is pushing a sweeping initiative to prod dozens of city hospitals to get more moms in their maternity wards to breast feed."

Hospitals who want to participate in the "Baby Friendly Hospital" program can get federal funding for "technical assistance." The move would involve 24 of New York's 36 medical centers, and would require that they set up a plan to bolster breastfeeding with new moms.

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Teenage Idiots Play Subway Chicken (VIDEO)

Some young people probably won't make it to adulthood because of the stupid, stupid choices they make, as evidenced by this now viral video of teenagers in Crown Heights.

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Report: New York Had 114 Child Abuse Fatalities In One Year

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Not as funny in real life.

A report released by two New York district attorneys shows that New York is on the hook for more than seven-percent of all child abuse fatalities in the entire country.

The report -- released by Queens County District Attorney Richard Brown and Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes -- looked at data from 2010, which shows that 114 kids were killed as the result of various forms of abuse, a number Hynes says "should shock the conscience of every one of us."

Nationwide, there were 1,560 child abuse fatalities.

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John Liu: Rats, Broken Equipment, Still a Problem at Some NYC Playgrounds

Looks like some City playgrounds aren't all that child-safe.

An audit released by City Comptroller John Liu's office claims that the Parks Department was slow to fix dangerous conditions in some playgrounds -- and might have missed regular inspections.

Liu, who's still dealing with the fallout from the arrest of his campaign treasurer, said that the agency would sometimes neglect to fix nasty problems -- such as rusted and broken equipment -- even after they were "flagged for repair."

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