Kim Kardashian Enters The Political Discussion On The Eve Of The Iowa Caucus

Republican candidates are making their last moves across Iowa today as GOP voters try and decide who they will support in tomorrow's caucus. The Iowa Caucus doesn't really pick the official nominee, as much as it just kills off the struggling candidates. Essentially, a bunch of white corn farmers get to choose who isn't going to be president by not voting for them. Seems fair enough. Mitt Romney is currently polling in first place, just ahead of Ron Paul, and he has a secret weapon in his stash. Americans don't care about the unstable economy, unemployment rates, or social issues -- "it's the celebrities stupid!" Yes, Mitt has pulled The Kim Kardashian Kard folks.

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Face-Making Little Boy Raises Level of Discourse Surrounding Kardashian Wedding

Yesterday, CNN's Kareen Wynte was reporting on the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries when a young man entered the frame and suddenly made the ceremony newsworthy. The marriage, which was until this moment a non-event, immediately became an issue of importance when the boy, wearing a backwards baseball cap, stuck his fingers in his mouth and danced around. The daughter of O.J. Simpson's old lawyer and a power forward for one of the NBA's worst teams will forever be indebted to this young man for lending credibility and significance to their matrimony. [via] [@nickgreene]

Fashion Week: Charlotte Ronson, Perry Ellis, Rebecca Taylor, Paola Hernandez, and Custo Barcelona (VIDEO)

Yup, she was there.
We're in the midst of Fashion Week, and we find ourselves barely breathing. The Kim Kardashian-sighting backstage at Charlotte Ronson caused major madness with everyone trying to get a bit closer to the booty, but that's not what has our head spinning. The sight of male models strutting in tight PJ's at Perry Ellis had us on the brink of a fainting spell, though the desperation of a real housewife trying to hog the cameras was beyond unbearable. Speaking of all things nauseating, we still have a hangover from the bizarre Custo Barcelona show last night -- we're not sure if we were drugged or if the clothes were to blame. More »

NYC Cultural Institutions Pay Homage to Kim Kardashian's Ass, Ringo Starr's Drum

kim kar.jpg
Last week, Kardashian toyed with viewers of her website: "Hmm ... why would I be getting measured ... Curiosity? Dress fitting? Can you guess?" (Is that a caliper the woman is using to size up her buns?) Yesterday, she posted a photo of a cast of her head. Turns out, booty and all, Kim Kardashian will be immortalized by famous museum of wax figures, Madame Tussauds.

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