The Apocalypse Is Nigh: A Huge Chunk of the L Train Went Down This Morning

An artist's rendering of the way your ride to work feels.
Oh, hi. Did you have a nice commute this morning? On the L train, perhaps? No? It was awful? Worse than usual, in fact? That's because, as you may have discovered, if you're one of the unlucky thousands who use that train, a large chunk of it was down this morning for about 30 to 45 minutes. People were, to put it in scientific terms, losing their goddamn minds.

According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the L went down between Eighth Avenue (the northernmost stop) and Broadway Junction in both directions "due to signal problems and switch problems." Broadway Junction is just six stops from the end of the line at the south end. In other words, most of the train was out of commission.

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L Train Riders: This Tool Explains Why the Station Is So God Damn Hot

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Photo Credit: prunejuice via Compfight cc
L Train commuters: Don't let this be you.
As we head into the another 95+ degree day in the city, let us keep the poor souls who depend on the L train in our hearts. The train's stops are notorious for the insane temperatures inside the station. Seriously, it's like waiting for a train at the mouth of Hell. If you've ever been curious about just how hot it gets, or have some schadenfreude to get out of your system, the website L Degrees displays the daily highs at each of the train's platforms.

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When Will the L Train Return From Its No-Longer-Watery Grave? [UPDATED] NOW!

UPDATE: We in there.

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Is The L Train Running? Yes, Much Better Now Actually

L train.jpg
Every straphanger knows about the L train. The (in)famous line that connects the 14th Street corridor of Manhattan with its parallel neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bushwick and many other Brooklyn neighborhoods has its stories. 

For some, it is the public transportation reason why Brooklyn has revamped itself as the borough to be in. For others, its service is a running joke (search: L train to Bedford Avenue, any given Saturday or Friday night, lack of personal space). 

Exhibit A: "Oh, the L train isn't running this weekend? Great."

But, as of today, those woes may soon be a thing of the past. The MTA, in recognition of the L train's immense popularity, is adding 98 weekly trips for your commuting pleasure: 16 more each weekday, 11 more on Sunday and 7 additional rides on Saturday.

Who said bureaucracy was so inefficient?
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Lonely L Train Riders Now Have Their Own Free WiFi

notwork missed connections small.png
This week, normally aloof L train riders can unite virtually during their morning commute. Notwork, developed by a creative consultancy group called We Make Cool, is a free pirate WiFi network that will operate in the rear cars of the L train from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. every day this week between the Morgan and 8th Avenue stops. Instead of striking up a conversation with your fellow commuters IRL (because, who does that, right?), you can now chat with them on your smartphone, sitting side by side.

The service also offers feeds from a bunch of sites including Gothamist and Gawker (no Runnin' Scared, it seems) plus a "Missed Connections" section and content from local artists and writers. It's targeted towards the kind of people that regularly ride the L train, in case that wasn't clear.

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Is the L Train Fucked? New Site Gives the Titillating Answer

Everyone knows L train service is spottier than a Verizon iPhone. Just last week, there was major confusion as to whether or not the train was even running at all! The MTA said yes. The people said no. Finally, our prayers have been answered thanks to a new expletive-filled website that gives you the answer to that single burning question: "Is the L train fucked?" My word! We love single service websites, but "Is Gossip Girl New Tonight?" will forever be our favorite. [via Gothamist]

Missed Connections: the Halloween Edition

Catalyzed by booze and an incessant need to couple up for the winter season (because, let's be honest, NYC relationships function seasonally), Missed Connections has been on fire recently. In addition to the flyers from our lovelorn friend JJ, the Metropolitan-Lorimer bachelor looking for his Kristy (or was it Kristie? Krissy?), Craigslist was full of notable listings in honor of Halloween. For example:

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Survey: Subway Announcements Wah, Wha, Waaah...

If you thought that you couldn't hear those garbled gobbledygook subway announcements alerting you to a delay or disruption at all, well, you were more than 50 percent right.

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The Subway Spy: Smart, Simple Solution for L-Train Pain, or an Assassin of New York Charm?

Every New Yorker falls into one of two categories. There's Group A, people who do strange shit on the subway, and Group B, people who see other people doing strange shit on the subway. Group A used to victimize Group B. But now, the tables are turning. Your subway torturers are possibly having the tables turned on them.

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Catching Up with the Antenna Man

"Hello, people of Earth! I have come to your world..."

Wait a minute, we thought -- is that Antenna Man? Turns out it was. We hadn't seen him on the L train for years. He was slightly less eccentrically costumed -- the shades were less ornate, and he had lost the deely boppers that signaled his presence, along with the Sun Ra pitch, to riders in the 90s. (We think we saw him in the 80s too, but we don't much trust our memories that far back.)

We asked him where he'd been.

"I have been on the planet Mars..." he said, gesturing grandly.

No, really, where you been?

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