Fact-Checking The New York Observer's Media Power Bachelorettes List

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New York Observer
Fellas! The media power bachelorettes are here, courtesy of pink listicle factory the New York Observer. Full disclosure: Jen Doll and Maura Johnston of this here Village Voice are both on the list, lending it a distinctly 36 Cooper Square flair. This blogger was spared, which meant that there was plenty of time to fact-check the list, which we did yesterday with the hunky bachelors. This time, we couldn't find many mistakes at all (did we scare you yesterday, NYO?). What we really found were some questions and observations. Behold:

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Eleanor Bergstein, Screenwriter, Talks Dirty Dancing

At Monday night's screening of Dirty Dancing, hosted by Jezebel for the New York Abortion Access Fund at Cinema Village, one attendee asked screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein to entertain the audience with what would have been some fan fiction.

"I'm wondering if in your mind you have any idea what happens to Johnny and Baby at the end of the movie?" the fan posited during the question and answer session.

"Sure I do," Bergstein answered. "But what you have in your mind is just as valid as what I have."

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Paz de la Huerta Pleads Guilty to Harassment, Lotions

Actress Paz de la Huerta -- the antithesis of the never-nude, the woman who told the New York Times Magazine the ghost of Elvis gave her an orgasm in Graceland -- pleaded guilty to harassment this morning. She also put lotion on her legs. But we'll get to that later. The charge stems from an incident in March at the Top of the Standard involving Samantha Swetra, a "model" whose claim to fame involves being on The City. What allegedly happened was de la Huerta threw a glass at and punched Swetra, and reportedly yelled "I'm a real actress on HBO! She's a fake actress publicity-seeker!" Now, she can't come into contact with Swetra for two years. Good thing Swetra's not a real actress.

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Pierre Hotel Maids Learn Self-Defense to Prevent Sexual Assault

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After prominent Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid at The Pierre Hotel (to say nothing of DSK's alleged attack on a maid at the Sofitel), management has decided that they aren't going to take any more chances. Yesterday, the entire staff of the famous hotel took self-defense classes with second-degree-blackbelt instructor Mary Ann Carron. The staff took half-hour classes in shifts while dressed in their full uniforms (including high heels). The staffers reported that after the classes, they were more confident in their abilities to defend themselves. One employee told the Post, "It was good... I feel prepared." John Turchiano, a spokesman for the New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council is confident that other hotels will take the Pierre's lead and start offering similar training. [NYP]