Here's Donald Trump Losing It on Twitter After the New York Attorney General Sued His Ridiculous Faux University

Two years ago, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office started investigating a number of for-profit colleges, suspecting they were exaggerating the ability of their graduates to get jobs, downplaying the cost of attendance, and over-hyping the generally crappy quality of their instruction. Last week, the A.G.'s office got a $10.25 million settlement out of one of those schools, an august learning institution called Career Education Corporation. We thought the next target on the AG's list would likely be Trump University, now called Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, which is where you go to learn the secrets of business from a man who's filed for bankruptcy four times.More »

Richard Branson and Friends Gathering Tomorrow in NYC For Drug Legalization

Very powerful man
Tomorrow at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, Virgin boss and billionaire Richard Branson will appear with former presidents from Brazil, Switzerland and Columbia, together representing the Global Commission on Drug Policy, to present a report that calls for an end to the so-called War on Drugs. The event, at 11 a.m. on Thursday, will "be pretty big," our friends at LA Weekly hear, and will push "nations to pursue legalizing and regulating drugs as a way to put a stop the the violence inherent in the illegal drug market," according to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. The War on Drugs, the report says, is "a failure." Co-signers include ex-UN man Kofi Annan, former secretary of state George Shultz, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and many more. (Just imagine all the weed these rich people could buy.) [LA Weekly]

Facebook Triggers Hormone That Makes You Feel Like You're Falling in Love

Here is incontrovertible proof that Mark Zuckerberg is an evil, evil man: Scientists now believe that Facebook triggers oxytocin, also known as the "love" or "cuddle" hormone, which basically makes you feel like you're falling in love and that the world is a beautiful place full of butterflies and rainbows and adorable frolicking kitties and puppies. Until you stumble upon a photo of your recent ex and his new girlfriend, who is clearly a Victoria's Secret model. Zuckerberg!

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Bath Salts Move Closer to Ban After Another Violent Episode

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Seth Thomas Sanders, a 31-year-old Pennsylvania man, was arrested for breaking into a home and attacking two cars, including a cop car, because "he thought he was being chased by electricity," according to police, as reported by the Patriot-News. It was 1 a.m. and the man had snorted the legal substance, which has been compared to methamphetemine. A user becomes "extremely anxious and combative, they think there's stuff trying to get them, they're paranoid [and] they're having hallucinations." Sounds about right: Sanders left his car behind because "he thought it was melting and electricity was following him."

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Zdravstvuite! Russian Interpreter Surprises Court by Being Himself

Kobina Ampah
It's usually the older, Soviet-era types from Sheepshead Bay who are in court, facing the usual illegal fishing charges. Most need a Russian interpreter. But none expect a lanky, bearded African man to rise to their side.

Kobina Ampah, 49, is a professional Ghanaian polyglot, and he's a rarity among the city's interpreters, who are most often native speakers of the language they interpret. Sometimes, he will tell you, even court workers mistake him for a defendant, not a translator.

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'The Running of the Brides' Is a Real Thing

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via NYDN
Over 200 women flooded the Filene's Basement on the Upper West Side yesterday for an event, which is apparently annual, called "The Running of the Brides." It's basically just a wedding dress sale, but more awful. The Daily News found a crazy person/bride-to-be named Nikki Saucier and followed her as she fought tooth and nail to get the right dress for cheap.

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As States Crack Down on Meth-Like "Bath Salts," What Are Your Remaining Legal Highs?

Perhaps you've seen the tiny packets of intriguing substances with mysterious, floaty names like "Cloud 9," "Ivory Snow," and "Blue Silk," in your local convenience store or bodega or go-to gas station. Perhaps you've been curious; perhaps you've even purchased them and experienced what they have to offer. But your time with said products are limited: "Law enforcement has caught on," announces NPR. And, so, Florida joins Louisiana in banning the sale of the so-called "bath salts" that lend an apparent meth-like high, making people do things like rip radars out of cop cars with their teeth, or attack their moms with machetes after mistaking them for monsters.

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