Jacob Isom, Koran-Swiping Religious Hero and Texas Stoner, Has His Own T-Shirt Line(s)

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Jacob Isom wearing Jacob Isom.
​Jacob Isom, the 23-year-old Amarillo stoner who stopped a Koran-burning last Saturday by swiping a lighter-fluid-soaked Muslim holy book from David Grisham of Christian extremist group Repent Amarillo while uttering the now-famous phrase, "Dude, you have no Koran!" is experiencing a very intense 15 minutes of fame. Including T-shirts in his honor, like those from God Spam blogger Gwynne Watkins.

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The New York Post Reads Runnin' Scared!

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We'd like to congratulate our intern, Leslie Minora, whose last day with us is sadly today. You know you've made it when the New York Post is just openly jacking your shit without attribution.

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Ballerinas Are Talkin' and Tweetin' Like Normal People

Traditionally stoic, angelic, and completely silent, ballerinas are now spinning in the other direction, chatting it up at City Ballet performances to "humanize" their art, according to the Times. What happened to the robotic mystique of the seemingly unshakable dancer? More »

Carl Paladino Is a Little Stinker

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You didn't pass gas, it's just Carl Paladino's campaign mailer. The Tea Party gubernatorial candidate and wealthy businessman thinks Albany stinks, and he sent out a garbage-tinged mass flyer to widely diffuse his point. Not only does Paladino -- who won in the election upset against GOP front-runner, Rick Lazio -- want to de-stink Albany, he also hopes to fumigate welfare recipients in his crusade against all things smelly.

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Weather in New York Going CRAZY: Mayhem, Tornado Warning, Loud Scary Noises

*Not in New York, at least not yet...
Ahh, you guys, did you hear that thunder and see that lightning? Were you shaking in the corner of your cubicle under your desk, scared to leave your office? And without an umbrella or rain boots? US, TOO! Now, sirens are zooming past our office, and people are Tweetin' all crazy -- including the tornado OMFG!

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Brooklynite Tells Madonna, "Fuck You!" at Her Film Shoot

The Material Girl is directing a film shoot in Brooklyn, and one man says that her crew was less than polite in telling him to walk on the other side of the street. "A chick with a headset held up her arm and said, 'You have to cross the street, sir!' I replied: 'I don't have to do anything. This is my neighborhood, and a public sidewalk, and I'll go where I please!'" a commenter who goes by "Palladian" wrote on the blog Althouse. Then the frustration of his Wednesday-morning walk escalated from this point until he unknowingly encountered Madonna.

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Traffic Agent Tickets Illegally Parked Dead Man

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Nicholas Rappold, a 21-year-old with a history of pill abuse, was slumped over dead in the front seat of his Jeep Cherokee in Queens on Tuesday morning when a traffic agent slapped a ticket on his illegally parked vehicle. Rappold's friend, whose house he had left in the middle of the night, realized the vehicle was still parked outside an hour after the ticket was issued, sources told the Daily News. He approached the Jeep and found his friend's body.

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Bedbugs Are in NYU Dorms with "Bedbug-Proof" Mattresses

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This just goes to show that nowhere can really truly be bedbug-proof, not even the dorms of the naive and young-blooded -- all the better for the vampire-like parasites. Welcome to New York, kiddies; hope you packed your cortisone cream, because NYU representative Beth Morningstar confirmed that bedbugs were found in dorms, though she wouldn't specify which ones, according to NYUNews.comMore »

Megabus Driver Who Killed Four Passengers Was Distracted by GPS

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Texting while driving is dangerous, but doing the equivalent of that with dozens of people on board a "mega" vehicle is like playing with fire. The Megabus crash that left four dead and many injured in Syracuse on Saturday occurred because the driver was checking his own GPS despite a rule that drivers are not allowed to use GPS devices even when lost. For this very reason, we assume.

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Theophilus Burroughs, Former Teacher, Pees Self During Weapons Bust

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A former Stuyvesant High School music teacher cum Hamas-praising weapons seller was busted last night in a Bronx warehouse. Theophilus Burroughs, who sold "high-powered weapons to undercover operatives he thought were connected to Middle East terror organizations," literally wet his pants when authorities arrested him, causing cops to line the cruiser's seats with plastic before bringing him to the slammer, according to the Post.

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