How the New York Post Views Qaddafi's Death

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A Yankees fan. No more, no less. Just a dictator-slaying Yankees fan, doing his job.

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Man Allegedly Makes Bomb Threat Because of Hurricane Irene; DSK Back in Paris; Groupon IPO in Trouble?

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Rajiv Pandey, a 33-year-old Long Island man, is accused of making a bomb threat Friday to the Long Island Power Authority because he was upset at losing his power during Hurricane Irene. The Daily News reports Pandey "called the newsroom at News 12 Long Island, warning he would place a bomb inside an unspecified LIPA facility, Nassau County cops said." After searching 30 LIPA locations without finding anything, police traced his cell phone and arrested him yesterday. He is being charged with falsely reporting an incident. [NYDN]

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CIA Connection in Libya?; Tropical Storm Lee to Hit Gulf Coast; Government Sues Banks

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Documents tying the CIA to the Qaddafi-led Libyan government were found in an abandoned office in Tripoli, the New York Times reports. The findings, which have not been verified for authenticity, allude to the practice of the American intelligence agency handing over terror suspects to the Libyan government. "While some of the documents warned Libyan authorities to respect such detainees' human rights, the C.I.A. nonetheless turned them over for interrogation to a Libyan service with a well-known history of brutality." [NYT]

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Moammar Gaddafi Has a Mad Crush on Condoleezza Rice

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And they will know you by the scrapbooks you leave behind. Or, as MSNBC puts it, "the ransacking of Moammar Gaddafi's compound is turning up some bizarre loot." What sort of bizarre? Well, there was a lot of fashion accessorizing going on, apparently, and a mermaid couch (Gadhafi's daughter's, not his own) and, perhaps most tellingly, a photo album chock-full of pictures of none other than Condoleezza Rice, all available to the curious eyes of the rebels who invaded Gadhafi's Tripoli compound, and therefore the media.

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Nikki Finke's Voice Coming To Taxis; Jim Romenesko Announces Semi-Retirement; Shaq Pursued Newsweek Writer

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Today in Press Clips: Jim Romenesko is kind of retiring, but not fully, Nikki Finke will provide voiceovers for entertainment news clips, the journalists who have been trapped in the Rixos Hotel since Sunday are now free, and Shaquille O'Neal tried to get with a reporter at Newsweek. Just your average Wednesday.

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John McCain, Just Like Everyone Else, Can't Decide On the Right 'Qaddafi' Spelling

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This post at the Atlantic notes that John McCain's tweet from two years ago about meeting with Moammar Qaddafi has popped up again as a "zombie tweet," being retweeted over and over without a time stamp. So if you didn't know any better, you'd think that even now with everything going on in Libya, McCain has recently been out there at Qaddafi's "ranch," having an interesting evening and thinking he's an interesting guy.

What struck us most, though (and maybe it's just us) was how McCain changed his spelling of the Libyan strongman's name over the course of two years: "Qadhafi" became "Qaddafi." McCain thus joins the majority of people who have absolutely no idea how to spell Qaddafi.

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Fighting Intensifies in Tripoli; Hurricane Season May Start With Irene; DA to Dismiss All DSK Charges?

Rebels in Libya have claimed to surround the capital, the New York Times reports. Tripoli had been a stronghold for Muammar Gaddafi, but opposition forces are making inroads with the help of NATO airstrikes. "If you can call any mobile number in Tripoli, you will hear in the background the beautiful sound of the bullets of freedom," a rebel leader told the Times. Their calls to Libyan households confirmed the sounds of gunfire. [NYT]

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Egypt Recalls Ambassador to Israel; West Memphis Three Freed; Gadhafi Staying in Libya

Egyptian protests from earlier this year.
The Egyptian government announced it plans to recall its ambassador from Israel. The move was sparked by an event when three Egyptian military officers were gunned down by an Israeli warplane after they were mistaken for suspected militants. The New York Times says this "marks a level of antagonism not seen since Egypt and Israel signed the historic Camp David accords three decades ago." [NYT]

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Muammar el-Qaddafi Seeking a New York PR Rep. Any Takers?

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Maybe start with the outfits?
Muammar el-Qaddafi is looking to revamp his image a bit. The Libyan dictator's reputation, while never good, has taken a hit recently as civil war tears his country apart and the whole world condemns his 42-year iron-fisted rule. Being a corrupt strongman is a tough sell, and Qaddafi wants a good publicist in New York, the capital of PR, for the job. Anyone interested? It's a big account!

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American Drones Carry Out Strikes in Somalia; Maria Shriver Files for Divorce

The United States has stepped up efforts against Islamic extremist groups in Somalia, the New York Times reports. Unmanned drone attacks late last month marked the first American military action in the nation since 2009. Shabab members were targeted after reports that the group was carrying out discussions with Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen about organizing possible attacks against the United States. [NYT]

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