Here Are 25 Lovely Things to Do This Spring in New York

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Those are flowers.
We're all guilty of trying to will spring to get here already, but when the season finally begins in earnest we'll already be daydreaming about trips to the beach in July. Between figuring out which jacket to wear (the light one? the lightest one? no jacket at all?), make room for these interesting events happening this spring in New York — some are familiar traditions, while others will happen for the first time in 2015. All are worthy reasons to leave your apartment — and bring the light jacket and an umbrella. It's still spring, after all.

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Thirty Things to Do in New York City Before You Turn 30

Maro Hagopian for the Village Voice
New York is the best and worst place to be young — you're perpetually broke, sleep-deprived, and starving, yet you'll never have more fun in your life. The city is a fickle mistress, though, and soon your favorite places will be overrun with early-twentysomething amateurs (ugh, you were never like those embarrassing n00bs) and emptying your Netflix queue will be the new "staying out till dawn." Here's a list of the things you should tackle before both your body — and your favorite bars — shut down completely.

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Stephanie Zacharek's Top 10 Movies of 2014

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Adult World
"If everything were great, nothing would be great."

That line, from Scott Coffey's smart and sweetly entertaining Adult World, is one of my favorite bits of movie dialogue this year, not least because it's applicable to every movie genre -- actually, every genre of everything. But in the movie world especially, this is the time of year when those of us who care about this thriving, ever-changing art form need to take stock, make ruthless choices, and come up with some sort of a ranking that reflects the greatest movies of the year. Now: How to define "greatest"? Personally, I prefer a freewheeling and joyous approach. What movies haunted me for days, weeks, or longer? Which ones brought me that ever-elusive figurative cask of jewels known as delight? Which movies made me laugh, even on the grimmest of days? If everything were great, nothing would be great. But however I define "greatness," in 2014, these movies came up at the top of the heap. Click on the movie's title to read the full review.

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The Ten Worst New York City Landlords of 2014

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As with everything else in this city, the field of awful landlords is a crowded one. Dirty, crumbling, roach-ridden apartments are a dime a dozen -- to stand out from the pack, a landlord must up his or her game to truly horrifying heights. Hostility comes in the form of actual, physical attacks; neglect looks like years without heat. Think your landlord's creepy? At least he didn't film you in the bathroom.

Among the perverts, bullies, and other shady characters who apparently control much of the city's real estate, these 10 landlords managed to distinguish themselves. Below, a list of the worst of the worst of the year:

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Our Favorite Books of 2014

Categories: Books, Lists

Devoting yourself to a book, like a lover or Christopher Nolan movie, is an act of commitment. But which are worth the time and effort? Once again, we've done the dirty reading for you, separating the wheat from the chaff, the misplaced modifiers from the well-placed modifiers. Here are our favorites from 2014. Grab your glasses and a glass of something that tastes like whiskey and enjoy!

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25 Signs That It's Fall in New York

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Here are a few street-level signs that summer's over in New York.

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18 Things to Do Instead of Watching the NFL This Weekend

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For reasons we won't rehash here, you might be tired of the NFL and its players already. Not to mention the media. As such, you could be wondering how you're going to fill all those hours this weekend. Here are a few suggestions.

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50 Things You Do When You're New To New York

Categories: Lists

We were all new to New York at some point. Plenty of you no doubt took your first gulp of air in the maternity ward at Bellevue Hospital. But this list isn't for you. Many of us, including most here at the Voice, emigrated from elsewhere. We came in droves from the West Coast and the heartland. From overseas. From New Jersey. But despite this diversity, there is one thread that unites us all: each of us had to survive those first tricky few weeks in the city. We all made many of the same mistakes, succumbed to the same tricks and lived the same cliches.

As spring begins to turn into summer (it was 80 degrees yesterday!) we are entering the city's heaviest intake season. Come September, there will be more of us here than there are today. Here are 50 things that these newbies will probably do, say and think before they feel like natives. And there should be no shame in that. We've done a lot of these ourselves.

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The 20 Worst People of 2013

Categories: Lists

Featuring threesome seekers, cokehead judges, hockey dads from hell and, quite naturally, Wells Fargo.

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37 Things For An Unapologetically Judgmental New Yorker To Hate About Las Vegas

Steven Thrasher
No. 13: There are actually LINES to PAWN YOUR SHIT
The Voice just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. While we enjoyed the UNITY 2012 and NLGJA conferences, we were disturbed by the "city" itself. Here are 37 reasons why we hated it, presented in no particular order, except that No. 37 is the most insidious.

1. The architecture of confusion reigns supreme, so that you never have any sense of direction, time, or space

2. Carrot Top

3. There is more than one Hard Rock Cafe

4. There's a pyramid with THREE different Starbucks inside of it

5. There is little difference between the strip and the airport, but the airport is better. (While both have slot machines and trap people inside a closed system, the airport has better, cheaper and healthier food options.)

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