Maya Angelou and New York City

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Adria Richards / My Heroes - Maya Angelou connected with countless people through her powerful poetry
Maya Angelou.
Curtains forcing their will
against the wind,
children sleep,
exchanging dreams with
seraphim. The city
drags itself awake on
subway straps; and
I, an alarm, awake as a
rumor of war,
lie stretching into dawn,
unasked and unheeded.

--Maya Angelou, Awakening in New York, 1983

Maya Angelou, the great author and poet and activist, has died. She was 86.

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O.J.'s Son's Not "The Real Killer" -- Regardless Of How Much Of His Trash Private Dick Bill Dear Sifts Through

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Texas P.I. Bill Dear once posed as a doctor to try and get O.J. Simpson's son's medical records.
The story about a Texas private investigator's new book claiming that he has proof O.J. Simpson isn't guilty of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman is getting the kind of media buzz you would expect when someone makes a claim as absurd as "O.J. didn't do it."

The book's author is P.I. Bill Dear, and this is actually the second time he's attempted to use a work of alleged non-fiction to let the world know that Jason Simpson, O.J.'s son, is the real killer.

We spoke with Dear over the weekend. Read all about it here. The story about his new book has since made its way to the Huffington Post, US Weekly, and an assortment of other national media outlets. What none of those media outlets mention -- and, frankly, we didn't know until after writing our post about Dear yesterday -- is that he's basically been maniacally stalking the younger Simpson for the last 17 years.

In 2001, Dear pimped his first book blaming O.J.'s son for the murders (he published the book himself). It was titled O.J. Is Guilty, But Not Of Murder, and it just so happens that Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega penned a 7,200-word article detailing Dear's creepy -- probably illegal -- methods of stalking  Jason Simpson while Ortega was working for what was once the New Times Los Angeles. Ortega's piece was titled O.J. Confidential; Texas private eye Bill Dear spent nearly six years and $1 million trying to pin the Bundy murders on O.J.'s son Jason. But his theories stretch credibility and his tactics stretch the law.

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Texas P.I. William Dear Claims To Have Proof O.J. Didn't Do It...Which Is Adorable. Argues "Juice's" Son is "The Real Killer"

In the nearly 18 years since the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, we've all -- as a planet -- collectively come to the general consensus that O.J. Simpson murdered two people, and that's likely because he did of the mountains of evidence pointing in his direction (the blood, the glove, more blood, etc., etc., etc.).

However, Texas-based private investigator William Dear -- whose book (natch), O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It is being released today -- tells the Voice that after investigating the murders for nearly two decades, he can now prove that O.J.'s son Jason is the one who got away with murder, not the Heisman Trophy winning running back.

We spent about 40 minutes speaking with Dear yesterday, and while he didn't convince us that O.J.'s innocent, his arguments aren't too far beyond the realm of possibility.

"This is not a bunch of bullshit," he assures us.

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How to Roll A Blunt For Dummies! Is Real -- And Available in Paperback

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James King

We haven't decided which is funnier: the fact that there's a book called How To Roll A Blunt For Dummies!, or that a tutorial on something most 15-year-old weed enthusiasts learn how to do in about five minutes is 128 pages long.

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Brooklyn Heights House Where Truman Capote Wrote His Breakfast Sells

capote at home.jpg
Well, there goes your dream of living like Truman Capote, or at least in his former dwelling. The Brooklyn Heights home where Capote wrote his novella Breakfast at Tiffany's sold for about $12 million, an amount that constitutes what the Daily News calls the "highest price for a single-family home in borough history." Holly Golightly must be impressed.

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Jonathan Franzen Thinks E-books Are Evil

jonathan franzen.jpg
Today in "Traditionalists Hating Technology," local literary darling Jonathan Franzen, author of the popular novels Freedom and The Corrections, has come out in opposition of e-books. Speaking at the Hay Festival in Cartagena, Colombia, Franzen told reporters that he believes the impermanence of the e-book format will eventually result in fewer great works of literature.

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Thank God It's Over!: New York NaNoWriMo Participants Speak On Their Ambitious Writing Endeavors

Erin O'Brien, a member of the New York City NaNoWriMo group

They have overdosed on coffee, written on layovers in Canada, traveled from the Netherlands, put pen to pad on a packed tram headed to Roosevelt Island, and made time for writing even after dealing with a parent's heart attack.

They're New York City's NaNoWriMo participants, and no, they didn't do it for kicks.

The global writing initiative, also known as National Novel Writing Month, challenges participants to write a novel of at least 50,000 words during the month of November every year. Now that December is here, participants have collectively exhaled and some are even plotting to have their novels published--much to the dismay of critics.

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Cooper Union Re-Considering Lowering Rent for St. Mark's Bookshop

st marks bookshop.jpg
St. Mark's Bookshop vs. Cooper Union: the saga continues. A few days ago we reported that Cooper Union, St. Mark's Bookshop's landlord, had refused to lower the store's rent from $20,000 to $15,000 a month.

Today it turns out there's still hope! Owner Bob Contant told the Local EV that "They said the decision is under reconsideration."

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Jeffrey Eugenides' Vest Finally Has Its Own Twitter Account

eugenides vest 1.png
Remember the crazy Times Square billboard announcing Jeffrey Eugenides' new book The Marriage Plot? How could you forget. And how could you forget Jeff's glorious vest, blowing in the wind as the author strides purposefully towards you.

The Marriage Plot is out, Eugenides has an essay about it in The Millions, and his vest has its own Twitter account. All's right with the world.

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Jill Abramson's Newspaper Glowingly Reviews Her Puppy Book [Updated: There Is a Second NYT Review]

puppy diaries.jpg
Rosie Gray
Our copy of the Puppy Diaries.
The New York Times review of New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson's The Puppy Diaries is in. They got the guy who wrote Marley & Me to do it, and he loved the "worthy addition to the crowded so-called dogoir genre." Amazing.

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