Oscars Live Blog: Finally, Some Attention for Our Nation's Celebrities

Tonight, we'll be covering the 84th Annual Academy Awards, live from a computer. Stay here on Runnin' Scared for exclusive insight and commentary from a Hollywood insider who has seen THREE movies this year (not including a two-part episode of The Mentalist that looked pretty big-budget). Who's going to win? Who's going to get snubbed? Who's going to die in the middle of the ceremony and get frantically edited into the 'In Memoriam' segment? Stay tuned to find out!

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Kate and Wills, Together at Last! The Royal Wedding Liveblog

Good morning! It's your royal wedding bloggers, Rosie Gray, Francesca Stabile, and Jen Doll, here in these wee hours munching pretend scones and mainlining coffee so we can tell you exactly what's happening on this glorious day of April 29, 2011, the much-anticipated day of nuptials between Prince William and the lovely-but-common Kate Middleton. More than 2 million are watching. What will they see, and how should they feel about it? Let's get started! (If you're awake and not near a television, the live stream is here.)

Jen: THE PRINCES ARE ARRIVING. People are screaming
Rosie: Hearse-like cars driving through the streets of London towards the wedding. Church bells of Westminster pealing!
Jen: Imagine the conversation in the car.
Francesca: The princes are hard to tell apart when they are wearing hats.

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This Royal Wedding Will Be Live-Blogged...By Us

Since the world is holding its collective breath waiting for Wendy and Frank Jr. to tie the knot -- oh, you know who we're talking about -- we would hereby like to announce that the royal wedding will herewith be live-blogged by our own Runnin' Scareders -- royal wedding expert Rosie Gray, our brand new web editor Francesca Stabile, and yours truly. If we're lucky maybe Joe will scoff at us over gchat. But seriously, folks, join us tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. for the requisite live-blogging snark, oohs and ahhs, and very serious admiration of Kate and Wills, J.Crew models, that very special one common plus one royal person who will soon be wedded. Did you know there's a royal wedding cat? And a program, er, programme? Talk soon. Tweets, too. [@thisisjendoll]

Oscars 2011: The Official Runnin' Scared Red Carpet Live Blog! (We're Wearing Valentino.)

Let's get this party started! We have chocolate marshmallow cookies, and wine, and cheese and crackers, and maybe we'll get pizza. And, most importantly, we have CELEBRITIES CONGRATULATING THEMSELVES FOR BEING CELEBRITIES. And Billy Crystal. Whee! Herewith, Runnin' Scared's official live blog of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, hosted by Jen Doll and Rosie Gray, with a surprise guest appearance from our own Myles Tanzer. This will be special.

It's 7:00. We're here, so we might as well start talking. Red Carpet. Here goes.

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Live-Bonging the Prop. 19 Vote With Broam Chronsky

As the results of America's midterm elections come to light, the Village Voice's expert panel of political thinkers and shapers will be weighing in live over the course of the evening. Covering California's landmark vote on whether or not to legalize Marijuana, Proposition 19, is our special correspondent, a self-certified expert in the field of Marijuana Studies and an avid reader of High Times, Broam Chronsky. Broam?

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The Parker/Spitzer Liveblog!

Parker/Spitzer, the biggest thing to happen to CNN since Larry King farted on Octomom, is finally here. Our former governor Eliot Spitzer and his foil, the saucy Putlizer-prize winning conservative columnist, Kathleen Parker, are about to go on the air.

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Parker/Spitzer is Coming on to CNN: Tonight, The Liveblog!

The evening of reckoning IS FINALLY HERE! Yes: Parker/Spitzer -- Eliot Spitzer's CNN debut -- is coming on to CNN tonight. DON'T FORGET: You can watch with us, as myself and some of my Runnin' Scared co-bloggers will be liveblogging the shenanigans and the "That's what she said" count straight from the Runnin' Scared stronghold this evening at 8PM EST. An early review from Village Voice Editor in Chief Tony Ortega: "Getting a preview of Parker-Spitzer on CNN right now: Spitzer talks, Parker wears a look like she is suppressing serious intestinal trouble." Awesome. [FK]

NY Primaries 2010: The Runnin' Scared Liveblog

Ah, New York City! It's the day to vote in the election you know about and think you're going to vote in but might not, one in which the most suspenseful race of the day involves whether or not you actually care enough to get out there and pull the lever. We're going to be liveblogging and updating the vote with results and news from around the five boroughs and state today. If you see anything worth noting, hand it over, or use the #NYPrimaries hashtag on Twitter to shoot stuff our way.

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2010 Pulitzer Prizes: The Breakdown!

The Pulitzer Prizes - Citation_1271101938044.png
It's that magical time of year again when the uppity nerds of Columbia University bestow upon the people their picks for this year's Best Writing Stuff. And we're going to attempt to add some context to these proceedings as they happen. So, here, we're live-blogging the Pulitzer Prizes. Unfortunately, since he's currently incarcerated, scheduled performer Lil' Wayne will not be playing the proceedings, but Pulitzer Administration Sig Gissler is going to rock this joint any moment. Hang in there.

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The iPhone 4.0 Presentation: A Photo Essay, With Perspective

Okay, honestly, owning an iPhone, working as a blogger, and being a human being and everything, I know I'm supposed to really, really care about whatever Steve Jobs is talking about right now. So I do! Here are pictures of Steve Jobs saying things. And! We! Are! Doing! It! Live! So! Keep! Refreshing! This! Page!

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