Conflict in Syria Drives Two Williamsburg Roommates Apart [UPDATE]

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Almost all of us have been there recently: chilling with friends, having a good time, maybe drinking one too many beers, and then someone brings up Syria. Debate over whether or not to dive headlong into another West Asian war is, in general, a good thing. But not when the same person brings it up over and over, interrupting every quiet moment in the privacy of the home you share. Yesterday a craigslist ad surfaced advertising a room in Williamsburg by someone driven out of their apartment by a Syria-crazed roommate. The place comes with "a kitchenette, a large (by New York standards, ha ha) bathroom, and a roommate that's going to have some opinions on Syria."

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Jimmy McMillan: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Made the Rent Too Damn High

Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, has decided not only to campaign against growing housing costs, but also against New York's very own Board of Elections. McMillan, probably our fave meme-making pol with leather gloves and a handlebar mustache, is demanding a recount of the 41,000 votes for his 2010 failed gubernatorial bid. But it's not just a vanity thing, McMillan tells Runnin' Scared. He needs to prove that he got 50,000 votes so that Rent Is Too Damn High gets official political party status -- and so that he can get his name on the ballot for the presidential election.

Of course McMillan plans on running against Barack Obama in November. McMillan, who refers to himself as "Daddy," chatted with us about his platform (the rent is still too damn high, Obama ruined everything).

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Copy Editing Mistake of 2011: 'Fuck' Randomly Inserted in South Carolina Newspaper

fuck copy editing.jpg

Fuck! How does that even happen?

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Jill Abramson's Newspaper Glowingly Reviews Her Puppy Book [Updated: There Is a Second NYT Review]

puppy diaries.jpg
Rosie Gray
Our copy of the Puppy Diaries.
The New York Times review of New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson's The Puppy Diaries is in. They got the guy who wrote Marley & Me to do it, and he loved the "worthy addition to the crowded so-called dogoir genre." Amazing.

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Mike Bloomberg Has a Sense of Humor About @ElBloombito

Surely by now you've heard about @ElBloombito, the Spanglish-speaking Bloomberg parody Twitter account run by a stay-at-home mom in Inwood? Sample tweet: "Cuidado! Stayo away para los downed linos de power. Que Electrocuto! El BUZZZ!" Mike Bloomberg has now heard of it too, and he's being pretty cool about it.

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Best Of the Media Power Coupler App

nate freeman jen doll.png
It was bound to happen.The new Media Power Coupler puts the most eligible/powerful media singletons together, in combinations that may shock, surprise, and totally ignore whether people are gay or not. The following is presented without (as in, with some) comment. As of this posting, we're still fact-checking these couples. We swear we'll stop after this. We swear.

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Fact-Checking The New York Observer's Media Power Bachelors List

brian stelter single .jpg
New York Observer
The New York Observer, a publication which really enjoys a good media power list here and there, has a new one out today. It's "The Free Agent List: 2011's 50 Most Eligible Media Bachelors." Look, there's poor Brian Stelter on the front, kissing a black hole where his girlfriend used to be. Fifty strapping young (or not very young at all) media guys, just ripe for the taking, ladies. Julia Allison is studying the list carefully. Except some of them are not ripe for the taking, because some of them are not single. Oops. After the jump, the mistakes that we managed to find.

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Barney Frank Farted On Live TV

A representative from my home state, showing how much he could care less:

One thing that's confusing about the treatment of this video elsewhere is the "he may have farted" or "probably farted" phrasing. He definitely farted, right? He definitely farted. We may not have a working democracy, stable financial markets, or any sense of peace and security in the world at large, but we do have a Congressman breaking wind on MSNBC, and for that we should be thankful.

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The Day (This Week) That Manhattan Media Ate Itself, Threw Up, and Then Ate That

Maybe it's the weather, but today has been sort of annoying and self-involved for New York City media types (no, really, even more than normal), especially the ones required to read the Internet all day. Everyone seemed a little bit crazy and angry or at least feigning outrage, and so, just this once, Press Clips, our daily media column, is a casual summary, as imagined as one side of the most obnoxious post-work conversation ever. (Warning: This is what you sound like to your significant other.) Here it goes:

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Anonymous Plots "Operation UFO" to 'Convince the World'

The mischief-making hacker group Anonymous is out to "convince the world" that UFOs exist -- "for nothing more than the lulz," or laughs -- in a new plan meant to assert elitism over stupid people. "Operation UFO" is simple enough: at 8 p.m. on May 22, everyone in on the idea and willing is supposed to report a similar UFO sighting ("a triangle of about 8 yellow lights in the sky") to whichever sighting website or hotline they so choose. Because believers want nothing more than validation, the rash of identical reports is supposed send UFO enthusiasts into a frenzy. Anonymous, then, gets to grin and look down at those they fooled. Full flier after the jump.

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