The New York City Health Department Bans Competitive Breath-Holding in Public Pools

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The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene passed a resolution banning competitive breath-holding at all "bathing establishments" run by the city. Though outdoors pools in the city have been closed since Labor Day, there are still 12 pools in recreation centers that will now be required to police for kids and adults dunking each other.

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Jimmy McMillan: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Made the Rent Too Damn High

Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, has decided not only to campaign against growing housing costs, but also against New York's very own Board of Elections. McMillan, probably our fave meme-making pol with leather gloves and a handlebar mustache, is demanding a recount of the 41,000 votes for his 2010 failed gubernatorial bid. But it's not just a vanity thing, McMillan tells Runnin' Scared. He needs to prove that he got 50,000 votes so that Rent Is Too Damn High gets official political party status -- and so that he can get his name on the ballot for the presidential election.

Of course McMillan plans on running against Barack Obama in November. McMillan, who refers to himself as "Daddy," chatted with us about his platform (the rent is still too damn high, Obama ruined everything).

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Does Today's Daily News Cover Outdo Yesterday's Post?

daily news craps cover 2.jpg

That's quite the photo.

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Today's New York Post Cover Is Really Something

NYP cover 8:10.jpg

What, there were no hero cops today?

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Maureen Dowd: Obama Is "Bi"

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Interesting column from Maureen Dowd this weekend, about Barack Obama. It starts off "He was born this way. Bi." Are you shuddering in anticipation yet, thinking that she will make some kind of awful biracial joke? Thankfully, she doesn't, although she had me on the edge of my seat waiting for it throughout. The content of this particular column isn't crazy -- there's some boilerplate "Obama flip-flops!" stuff and then some valid points about his refusal to truly back gay marriage -- but there are a few awfully cringeworthy turns of phrase. "On Wall Street, he assails fat cats, but at cocktail parties, he wants to collect some of their fat for his campaign." I see what you did there, but the image is gross and perhaps violent, no? Removing their fat from their bodies? "On some of the most important issues facing this nation, it is time for the president to come out of the closet." Maureen Dowd, everyone. She'll be here all week.

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Bree Olson Analyzes Marcel Duchamp

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It's painful at this point to write anything related to the bogeyman known as Charlie Sheen, but here we are. One of his "goddesses," Bree Olson, who stars in porn films and tweets dirty things ("Once you fuck me it'll be hard to go back to that tired worn old bitch. Lol I'll ride it like a rodeo."), bumped up against prewar French conceptual art and didn't quite get it. The above is a picture of her with Marcel Duchamp's 1917 "readymade" Fountain in the background. Quoth Bree, "Art museum in Philly last week. They had some creepy shit!" LOL art is so weird.

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Jack Davis Commercial: Worst Campaign Ad Ever?

Tea Partier Jack Davis is running for the New York 26th congressional district seat (also known as the Chris Lee seat). This ad is really something. It looks like a community theater troupe made it in ten minutes flat. "Will Mom be okay?" Obviously not, unless you elect Jack Davis.

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Four Loko, The Drinking Game: HUNGRY HUNGRY LOKOS.

Four Loko is now banned in New York, and upon learning that it would be banned nationwide, the company behind said candy-crack like boozejuice decided to change the recipe to exclude the most compelling component of it, caffine. That won't stop us from making a game out of getting the best out of it. Presenting:

HUNGRY HUNGRY LOKOS. It is the "Bros Icing Bros" of the season, and yet, so much better.

Here's how to play.

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Will the "Pee Your Pants for Freedom" Movement Take Hold?

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via The Daily What.
People on both sides of The Full Body Scan Situation currently being instituted at American airports are very upset! Some feel as if their privacy is being invaded. Others feel that those people are just whiners. And many are opting out of the arguably very intrusive scans, having to receive a full-body pat-down from the TSA instead. How can traveling Americans protest?

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MSNBC (or New York Times!) Now Just Completely Full of and/or Eating Shit.

This is fun. An earlier draft about the suspension of Chris Hayes from MSNBC before he even went on the air tonight, as reported by the New York Times:

draft 1.jpg

The draft that's there now:

draft two.jpg

MSNBC has yet to get back to "bloggers'" -- or at least, this one's -- initial request for quote. [FK]