This Rodeo Clown Dances Like Nobody's Watching

Although he clearly has this routine timed to the beat, professional rodeo clown Flint Rasmussen seems utterly carefree in those shorts and Nike soccer shoes. He just dances like nobody's watching. Watch as his movements become more fluid and exaggerated. Then you'll notice audience members start to clap along to "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Once he's got them right where he wants them, he begins to really flourish.

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Sergio Martinez Credits Miguel Cotto, and Not Bad Knee, For Lopsided Loss at MSG

Albert Samaha
Miguel Cotto entered the ring without music or lights.
After the fight, after Miguel Cotto dominated Sergio Martinez for nine rounds at Madison Square Garden, a man in a suit stood behind a podium to tell the gathered media that Martinez would not be attending the press conference because he had to go to the hospital for a precautionary check-up. Martinez, the man added, did want to pass along a message, though.

"The one thing he wanted me to tell you was there is no excuse," the man said. "There was no problem with his knee. There was no problem with his hand. He got caught with a great punch in the first round and he never recovered. He wanted everybody to know this was Miguel Cotto's night, this was Miguel Cotto's victory. Miguel Cotto is a great champion."

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Former Exec VP Joe Lhota Has Deep Ties to Madison Square Garden's 30-Year Tax Break

In between his roles as Giuliani's "Rat Czar" and the MTA's chairman, mayoral candidate and Republican frontrunner Joe Lhota spent his days at 4 Pennsylvania Plaza. For five years, he was an executive vice president of Cablevision; then, in 2010, he was named the chief administrative officer at Madison Square Garden Co., the "mega-corporation" that runs the world's most famous sports arena, as well as Radio City, the Beacon Theater, the Knicks and the Rangers. There, he was responsible for securing the best gift of all from Albany: a free tax ride for the corporation worth millions.

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Manhole Explodes in Midtown

Reports are rippling through Twitter (top photo via @NewYorkology and Nicole Breskin) about smoke and fire at 34th Street on the west side, near Madison Square Garden, where it seems a manhole blew up. Cops have blocked traffic and we have more pictures after the jump. Updates as they come!

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The 10 Best NYC events of 2010

Paul Quitoriano
Whenever we tell people what we do for a living we always get the same thing: "You must know what's going on in the city all the time," and "You must get invited to the best events." Well, yes and yes. But recommending events every freaking day of the year to you eccentric New Yorkers is not as easy as it sounds. We go to great lengths to preview the funniest comedy shows, weirdest art exhibitions, and craziest parties, which means we do end up going out a lot, and if that means taking off our pants in public, then so be it. More »

What's Poisoning the Air at Madison Square Garden?

madison-square-garden lolz biohazardz.jpg
When's a good time to clean your building of asbestos? More like when isn't it a good time to clean out your building of asbestos? Unless the basketball season just started and you're the New York Knicks, in which case, what could possibly go wrong?

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