The Red Cross's Accidental Drunk Tweet Is Adorable

The Red Cross has won us over, not just because they're a nonprofit that does good things for people, but because they actually have a sense of humor, and they might, every so often, like to booze -- responsibly! On Tuesday night, a Red Cross social media specialist accidentally tweeted this from the Red Cross account via Hootsuite, meaning to send it from a personal account but instead sending it out to the organization's 268,000 followers:

Screen shot 2011-02-17 at 9.32.21 AM.png

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Lindsay Lohan Is Being Treated Like a Common Criminal [VIDEO]

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Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today and the New York Post called her "sexed-up." Sexed up? She was just wearing a skintight $575 Kimberly Ovitz dress in virginal white, for Pete's sake! This is a huge indicator of how her terrible day went. All Lindsay wanted to do was show up to court (without anything rude on her nails), plead not guilty, look fab, and have everybody love her! She did the first three but the public still isn't back in love with LiLo. Instead they treated her like a plain old thief.

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What Could David Paterson's $62,125 Fine Buy in Actual Yankee Memorabilia?

Ex-Governor David Paterson has paid his fine of $62,125 for accepting complimentary tickets to a 2009 Yankees World Series game. The tickets were for himself, his two aides, his teenage son, and his son's friend. They were originally priced at $425, which means Paterson comes out with a loss of $60,000 -- and he didn't even get to take home any souvenirs for that. What would $62,125 get you in terms of an authentic Yankees experience? Runnin' Scared does the math!

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Reynaldo Decerega, Barack Obama Lip-Buster, Really Regretting His Elbow Right Now

Today the Washington Post recounts Reynaldo Decerega's fateful journey from his high school's most mature and most popular to "Nice Guy Rey" in college to the director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute to THAT GUY WHO BUSTED OBAMA'S LIP, a/k/a, HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED, a/k/a, "The Elbow."

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20 Slang Suggestion Alternatives for The Female Condom

After yesterday's post on the forthcoming Female Condom takeover, we noticed a terrible deficiency in the Female Condom industry/culture: the device has not one nickname! Guys have a slew of allusive appellations for "condom" -- 'loveglove,' 'rubber,' 'johnny,' 'jimmy hat (!?)' -- and though you're likely in 7th grade (or should be) if you're calling it anything other than a "condom," on behalf of the ladies, we felt the need to correct this double standard (if only for 7th grade girls). More »