The Anti-Facebook: Photos Unveiled One Year Later in Washington Heights Art Project

Mike Fitelson
Part of "Message Delayed"
Washington Heights photographer Mike Fitelson is taking Facebook status updates and instant photo sharing and turning them upside down.

That is, he is taking the process of sharing thoughts and photos online and slowing it down and simplifying it dramatically -- and bringing the whole thing off line. It's part of a year-long project he is unveiling tomorrow at a street festival in his neighborhood.

The effort began last June at the Carnaval del Boulevard festival uptown. Fitelson, previously an associate publisher at northern Manhattan's community newspaper, the Manhattan Times, stopped neighborhood residents passing by, took portrait shots of them, and asked them each a simple question: "What's on your mind?"

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Churches Prepare for Eviction from School Spaces; Mayor Says He's Not Backing Down

Sam Levin
Pastor Sal Sabino, left, will not be allowed to lead worship services in school spaces.
Next Sunday, Pastor Sal Sabino, from Heavenly Vision Christian Center, will conduct his worship services on the street.

That's because this coming Sunday is the last time he and his congregation can use the church's current location -- I.S. 52, a public school in upper Manhattan.

Last month, we wrote about the battle between church groups and the city as Mayor Mike Bloomberg has pushed a policy to stop allowing churches to use school space. The loud protestors bugged Bloomberg in the rain outside his State of the City speech and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to bring attention to the issue. And the New York Civil Liberties Unionsupported the city in this effort, arguing that these kinds of arrangements between religious organizations and the Dept. of Education turn schools into churches every Sunday and violate the principle of separation of church and state.

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De Blasio Report: Uptown Has the Worst Landlords

landlords .JPG
According to NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's Worst Landlords Watch List, Manhattan's worst-run buildings are mostly in Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Forty five of the 56 Manhattan buildings on the list are in those areas. Four of the lowest performing five are in Harlem and one is in Washington Heights. Each of those has over 240 violations. The top five worst landlords are:

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Where's Lionel? The Search for a Missing Box Turtle

As we've reported, Lionel the Box Turtle escaped from the Inwood Nature Center on December 1st to little fanfare. Poor Lionel. Cobras and peacocks are just flashier than turtles. But the little guy is still missing, out in the urban jungle. We've decided to deepen our investigation into where Lionel could be.

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Men Wanted In Inwood Robbery

inwood robbery.jpg
One of the suspects
The NYPD is looking for a group of men wanted in connection to a robbery that took place in Inwood on August 7. At about 10:20 p.m., five young men got into 55 Cooper Street by one of them posing as a food delivery guy; once they were inside, suspect #3 forced a victim into a rear bedroom of one of the apartments by displaying his gun. He then hit her with it, and she sustained injuries. Suspect #5 took money, a cell phone, and a purse from the house. The other suspects were standing around in the hallway during that time, and all of them fled in an unknown direction.

The suspects, whom the NYPD believes are Dominican men between 20 and 30, are described as follows:

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Sex Predators Roaming Washington Heights, Inwood

Upper Manhattan neighborhoods are jittery after three separate sexual assaults in the past week. Above is the suspect in one attempted assault of a 32-year-old woman at West 184th Street and Broadway in Washington Heights at about 1:15 a.m. Sunday, June 12.

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