Huffington Post Will Publish Your Undergrad Thesis and Probably Won't Pay You

Maybe the aggregation turbine is broken?

Looks like HuffPo, the "internet newspaper," might soon become a term paper mill.

Huffington Post College tweeted late last night: "Want to publish your senior thesis on the Huffington Post? Email rharrington [at] huffingtonpost [dot] com for more details."

(H/T @mylestanzer, a former Voice intern who sometimes contributes to RS).

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NYC Media Loves Chinese-Parenting Stereotypes

With the slut-shaming, front-page New York Post pic of Greg Kelly's rape accuser -- which we're not linking to because the tab's treatment of sexual violence has been plain. fucking. wrong. -- it seemed like there might not be enough room in today's news cycle for more cringe-inducing coverage. Of anything.

But Runnin' Scared has just been surprised by this recent gem from Gothamist: "Video: Chinese Dad Makes Nearly-Naked Son Exercise On Snowy NYC Street."

The "Eagle dad" responsible for this fatherly fuck-up is trying to make his son man up, but what being Chinese has to do with this -- and why making specific mention of being Chinese in a headline is appropriate -- remains unclear.

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Local Blog Bushwick BK Says Goodbye

Bushwick bk.png
A local blog that we like, Bushwick-centered Bushwick BK, has come to an end after years on the neighborhood blogging scene. Its editor Jeremy Sapienza posted a letter explaining his decision to end the site yesterday:

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Nikki Finke's Voice Coming To Taxis; Jim Romenesko Announces Semi-Retirement; Shaq Pursued Newsweek Writer

nikki finke .jpg
Today in Press Clips: Jim Romenesko is kind of retiring, but not fully, Nikki Finke will provide voiceovers for entertainment news clips, the journalists who have been trapped in the Rixos Hotel since Sunday are now free, and Shaquille O'Neal tried to get with a reporter at Newsweek. Just your average Wednesday.

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Murdoch Pie-Thrower Blogging From Jail

Thumbnail image for Screen shot 2011-07-29 at 8.07.04 AM.png
Jonathan May-Bowles, the man who famously threw a pie in the face of Rupert Murdoch during the media mogul's hearing last month, has just updated his blog from jail. Bowles, who often goes by the name "Jonnie Marbles," posts on a blogspot domain called "Anarch*ish*." He has posted twice since being sentenced and gives a look into his world during his six-week stint in Wandsworth Prison.

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Nanny Sarah Swymer Talks About Reviewing Manhattan's Parks

Sarah Swymer isn't just a nanny; she's a blogging nanny on a mission to review every park in Manhattan before the end of the summer. As she explores the borough's parks with her two charges, Lexi and Annie Lee, she posts some information and a rating between one and five "slides" on her site, New York City Park Hopper. Swymer spoke with us on the phone yesterday about her blog and her new venture, Sarah Poppins Tours. Check the interview after the jump.

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Katie Couric Out at CBS News; Engadget Crew Ditches AOL For SB Nation

Thumbnail image for Couric2.jpg
Every time we turn around there's a switch-up at the newly Arianna Huffington-helmed AOL and Huffington Post hybrid, with the boss simultaneously cleaning house and sprucing up, by kicking AOL-ers to the curb and hiring up a handful of big names. The Huffington reign has left a large number scrambling, with some staking out new land and others unsure where to head next. More on the upheaval inside Press Clips, our daily media column. Plus, Katie Couric's long-expected exit from the nightly news, Andrew Sullivan's new home and (almost) a big scam at Condé Nast.

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Boy Scouts of America Do Not Appreciate Jokes About the Hitler Youth

On one final April Fool's Day note, our local blog buddy Bucky Turco at Animal New York pulled a pretty fast one on a time-honored national group. First, he grabbed images like the one you see to the right from the Boy Scouts' official website. Then he plastered his blog with the images in place of standard ads, as if the Scouts had given him a big buy. But anyone who clicked the ad was in for a surprise, because they led to an Australian newspaper article about how the Boy Scouts founder Lord Baden-Powel met with Hitler Youth chief of staff Hartmann Lauterbacher back in 1937. Needless to say, the Scouts were not thrilled about the connection!

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Qaddafi Forces Withdraw From Key City; Carles Quits; Possible Pub Crawl Ban

  • Libyan rebels have regained control of Adjabiya, a key city in the east. Adjabiya is considered a gateway to Libya's oil fields. In other Libya news, a woman named Eman al-Obeidy fought to tell foreign journalists her story of alleged rape and abuse by 15 government soldiers. She broke into a hotel in Tripoli and showed her bruises and other signs of abuse to the journalists staying there.[CNN, Reuters]
  • Blogger Carles, the mysterious presence behind Hipster Runoff, claims to have quit. In a goodbye post, he writes: "I can't imagine myself blogging about anything else ever again because I feel like I have already blogged about everything and I am just a slave to boring alt memes. It's probably time to move on and find a real career & some challenges that can actually make the world a better place." Gawker has an email from him explaining in more detail. I can't for the life of me find it now, but didn't he do this once before, maybe a year ago? And then came right back a couple days later? Hm. [Hipster Runoff]

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TechCrunch Tells AOL to Piss Off; New York Times & Huffington Post Continue Catty Swipes

AOL is balancing a lot right now. In addition to letting hundreds go last week, the media giant is moving toward becoming an editorial powerhouse, sucking up websites like Michael Arrington's TechCrunch family and Arianna Huffington's The Huffington Post, which is even hiring more journalists for the occasion. But new partnerships and Brady Bunch-style families require a lot of compromise, and today one of the bratty children swung upwards at Poppa AOL. Sort of! TechCrunch is fighting with Moviefone (!?), The Huffington Post is still fighting with the New York Times and the Washington Post is accidentally publishing edits on the internet -- all inside Press Clips, our daily media round-up.

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