The BuzzFeed Lawsuit, or, What the Hell Are We Gonna Do With Pictures in the Digital Age?

In the Age of Too Much Information, an infinite stream of photos floods the blogs, the news sites, the Facebooks, the meme world, Google Image Search, and whatever other nook of the Interwebs. Sometimes they are credited, and sometimes they are not; the whole mantra "give credit where credit is due" is a nonissue in online communities, where the universality of everything online trumps the degree of transparency. 

We saw this issue arise in the Shepard Fairey case -- the Associated Press sued the street artist for millions for taking the famous shot of Obama and turning it into the even-more-famous "Hope" poster. In the end, Fairey received 300 hours of community service for his "wrongdoing."

And we're seeing it once again in a lawsuit filed against BuzzFeed. Florida-based photo agency Marvix is suing the media organization for taking nine celebrity photos of Katy Perry and others. In the case, Marvix v. BuzzFeed, the agency accuses the Web giant for not attributing where the photos came from. The Floridians want $1.3 million paid back in damages because, in copyright law, a stolen picture is worth $150,000. Multiply that number by the nine in question, and, voila, you have yourself a hefty sum.

But case aside, the question here is not the integrity of BuzzFeed or this "copyright trolling" photo agency. No, the matter is something much more larger and prevalent in the rapidly connecting way we receive our news: What the hell are we gonna do with photos in the modern age?

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"Soccer Mom Madame" Anna Gristina's 9-Year-Old Son Pimpin' Hard For NBC

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The apple apparently doesn't fall far from the tree at the home of accused "Soccer Mom Madame" Anna Gristina -- the accused pimp's 9-year-old son apparently has caught the pimpin' bug, and his number one hoe is NBC, which just so happens to have landed an exclusive interview with Gristina.

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Woodward, Bernstein and the Media "Witch Hunt" Warning

Happy 40 years, Deepthroat!

Tomorrow marks the official 40th anniversary of the Watergate scandal; a story that started with a small crack in a much larger shell that eventually brought down a President. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the Washington Post duo and investigative journalism heroes, will be attendance at a celebration but, today, they had some choice words on a more recent story.

A few weeks ago, the Voice reported on a development in the Obama administration's War on Leaks, in which the Justice Department attempted to subpoena James Risen for his reporting on state secrets. Well, in the past few days, things have changed a bit in regards to the going ons behind closed doors in Washington - a subject that Woodward and Bernstein can be considered experts on.

This morning on CBS's "Face the Nation," the two warned against a McCarthey-esque "witch hunt" that is about to break out in Congress. 

And the press seems to be its main target.
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Will Picture The Homeless Sue New York Post Over Sensational Squatting Article?

Yesterday, Runnin' Scared brought you news of Picture the Homeless' funding fracas.

The Bronx-based non-profit has received $240,000 in public money over the last five years, but payouts got frozen this week as the City Council investigates squatting allegations.

Picture the Homeless says that the City's move stems from a New York Post story claiming that a non-profit member taught illegal squatting classes on the taxpayers' dime -- an allegation the group disputes.

Now, Picture the Homeless is strongly considering legal action against the tabloid.

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Rush Limbaugh: Saved by Sandra Fluke?

When Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" on his radio show Feb. 29, it sure seemed like the end of an era might be upon us.

Public outcry prompted sponsors to pull support from the show, leaving many to wonder whether the conservative stalwart would have much longer to lash out against liberals and ladies.

To be fair, Rush did damage control issue an apology, but many saw the mea culpa as meaningless -- worthy of all-out mocking.

But as bad as Rush's gaffe might be -- and to be clear, it is bad -- you have to wonder: could this bolster Limbaugh's languishing career?

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The Coverage Of This Tumblr Fashion Brouhaha Is Kind Of Irresponsible

david karp uniqlo.png
Tumblr CEO David Karp's contentious visage.
NYC-based blogging platform Tumblr is having some problems, namely with people from the fashion industry who are fed up with certain aspects of its service. BetaBeat ran this headline today: "The Flood Gates Are Now Open On Publicly Bashing Tumblr," after yesterday announcing that "The Fashion Industry Wants Tumblr To Get Its Fucking Act Together" (oh my). NYmag's The Cut blog joins in in slightly more measured tones: "Fashion Brands Have Started to Air Grievances About Fashion-Hungry Tumblr."

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Ashton Kutcher's Conflicts of Interest; U.S. Editor of NOTW Arrested; Christine O'Donnell vs. Piers Morgan

ashton kutcher .jpg
Thursday! A wide-ranging media news kind of day. Ranging from Ashton Kutcher's murky Details editorship to Piers Morgan's failed interview of Christine O'Donnell to the everlasting travails of the dead News of the World, Thursday's Press Clips is all about conflict.

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David Leigh, Guardian Journalist, Admitted to Phone Hacking

david leigh .jpg
David Leigh
David Leigh, an assistant editor at the Guardian, admitted to hacking voicemails in an article written in 2006 that just seems to have been dug up. Leigh listened to the messages of a "corrupt arms company executive," and said his aim was to expose "bribery and corruption." Interestingly, his paper was the one that broke the empire-burning News of the World hacking scandal in the first place. More »

Fox News' Brazen Sugarcoating of News Corp's Hacking Scandal

They've outdone themselves!

I mean, damn. The obviousness of it. The comparison of the News Corp hacking scandal to the hacking incidents at the Pentagon and Citibank boggles the mind, since the Pentagon and Citibank were the victims of hacking, while News of the World was the perpetrator. Not that that should even have to be spelled out.

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James Murdoch Could Face Charges in U.S., U.K. After Hacking Scandal

james murdoch.jpg
​Rupert Murdoch's son James could face "corporate legal battles on both sides of the Atlantic that involve criminal charges, fines and forfeiture of assets" related to the phone hacking scandal currently embroiling News Corporation. Murdoch fils, who is the deputy COO of News Corp, has admitted to misleading the British Parliament about the hacking. The conglomerate decided to shutter tabloid News of the World this weekend after revelations that the paper had hacked into the phones of murder and abduction victims.

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