NBC Advertises 'Recent Job Opportunities' Right Before Kicking Sue Simmons To The Curb

That was awkward.

As you may have heard, NBC Channel 4 fired Sue Simmons after 32 years when it didn't renew her contract. Last night, the channel chose to use their final ad spot right before Simmons' final broadcast to advertise for "recent job opportunities" at NBC!

"Learn more about NBC New York's recent job opportunities by logging onto ncbuniversalcareers.com, or by calling our toll free number!" a chirpy voice said, before the camera went to Chuck Scarborough and a dour looking Simmons, who looked like a woman about to face the guillotine.

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The Creator Of The Save Sue Simmons! Tumblr Explains His Campaign, Affection For Sue

This week New Yorkers learned that beloved foul-mouthed WNBC anchor Sue Simmons' contract would not be renewed. Now the whisperings as to who is going to be taking her place are already starting. But the reaction to the news of Simmons' impending departure was impassioned. The Times even chronicled the Twitterverse's cries. Our very own Michael Musto explained
his adoration on his blog. From celebrity anguish -- Martha Plimpton! Alec Baldwin! -- to good old-fashioned internet crusading a chorus rang out condemning NBC for giving up an icon. We emailed some questions to the man behind the Save Sue Simmons! Tumblr -- 26-year-old New York native and Columbia graduate student Ryder Kessler -- to hear why he took to the web to fight for Simmons. Read his responses after the jump.

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30 Rock Robbed of $13,000 by Accountant

Liz Lemon.jpg
Blerg! Jack Donaghy would not approve of business like this. The New York Post reports that 30 Rock accountant Matthew Rudolph, 35, has been charged with "22 counts of larceny, falsifying business records and criminal possession of a forged instrument." According to his lawyer Richard Roth, Rudolph is not guilty -- Roth calls the allegations "absurd" and "additional evidence of the NBC witch hunt." We're kind of surprised that it wasn't Liz Lemler enacting revenge for getting fired for no reason by Liz Lemon in Season 1!

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Joel McHale vs. The Drunks on the Fourth Hour of Today: Television. Gold. (Video)

mchale drinks on today.jpg
New York City's film and television production has an epicenter of Weird. It isn't on some obscure public access channel, or even the guy who does the cooking tips for NY1. No, it's Hoda and Kathy Lee, who host the fourth hour of NBC's Today. They are typically drunk and generally absurd, like a bad SNL sketch brought to life and glory.

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Week of Media Shitcanning Madness Continues: CNN's Jon Klein, NBC's Jeff Zucker

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 11.28.36 AM.png
Locally, we've seen some pretty intense media cannings take place, specifically at the New York Daily News, which also goes without mentioning Katy Perry being booted off Sesame Street. Well, this morning, news went wide of two more big ones: CNN president Jon Klein is out, and NBC-Universal President Jeff Zucker is out.

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How Did 4Chan and Gawker Get Chris Hansen "Arrested" for Child Molestation?

Chris Hansen -- the host of NBC's infamous child sex scandal exploitation show To Catch A Predator -- was not arrested for child molestation. Yet "chris hansen arrested for child molestation" is a "volcanic"-level trending Google search, currently ranked in the top spot. How did this happen and what does 4Chan's kind deed from yesterday have to do with it?

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Tomorrow's Today to Feature Ass-Kicking Obama, Regular Old Matt Lauer

The Today show has released a clip from an interview between Barack Obama and Matt Lauer that will air in full tomorrow, the 50th day of the oil leak in the Gulf. In it, the POTUS and the journalist sit down for some frank discussion of the Gulf, and Obama is plenty teed. (Video after the jump.)

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