In Carriage Horse Fight, the Daily News Is Really Having Trouble Keeping Fact and Opinion Separate [Updated]

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A model of NYCLASS's proposed electric car.
On April 16, the New York Daily News announced they were wading into the carriage horse fight full-force, "launching a campaign to save the city's beloved carriage horses," as an editorial published that day put it. They've begun circulating a petition online and in print, calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to leave the horses alone and criticizing animal rights group NYCLASS's proposal to replace the horses with vintage-replica electric cars.

At the same time, News reporters are also continuing to cover the carriage horse debate that the opinion page has now inserted themselves into. That's leading to some awkward conflicts of interest. In a statement released earlier this week, NYCLASS says that a Daily News reporter who assured them she was interviewing them for a feature story instead improperly gave her reporting materials to the opinion page, for use in an unflattering editorial.

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Tabloids React To NYPD Shooting Two Women Near Times Square By Writing About "Gangbangers" and "Drug Thugs"

Image by Twitter user Kerri Ann Nesbeth
Theodora Ray, 54, after being accidentally shot by the NYPD.
On Saturday night, as you've likely heard, the NYPD tried to shoot a disturbed man as he was running in and out of traffic near the Port Authority. Instead, they hit two women standing nearby. Theodora Ray, 54, was hit twice in the leg; according to friends interviewed by CBS, she remained hospitalized at Bellevue Sunday night, recovering from surgery. Sahara Khoshakhlagh, 35, was grazed in the buttocks, treated, and released from Roosevelt Hospital Saturday night. Her husband told the New York Post they'd decided not to comment, leaving the Post to deal with their larger problem: how does a newspaper cover the NYPD's shooting of two random bystanders in the most flattering possible light?

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New York Daily News Reports Its Beef With Chris Christie is Officially Squashed

Facebook/Chris Christie
Love is in the air. Chris Christie seems to have reconciled with the Daily News after a blow-up over the paper's New York Jets coverage last week. The dispute sprang from the co-hosting bit Christie did on August 26, when the governor called the Daily News's Jets reporter Manish Mehta an "idiot" and a "dope" for mocking Jets coach and Christie's friend Rex Ryan over a bad call late in a game.

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Tabloids Completely Freak Out Over City Council's Vote for More Oversight of the NYPD

Today's Post cover. Come on, guys.
Yesterday was a particularly historic moment for New York's City Council, which voted to override Mayor Bloomberg's veto of two NYPD oversight bills. The successful override means that an independent inspector general will be appointed to help regulate the department, and that more people will be able to sue for experiencing racial bias at the hands of the police. Or, if you're the Daily News, it means "THERE WILL BE BLOOD."

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NYC Media Loves Chinese-Parenting Stereotypes

With the slut-shaming, front-page New York Post pic of Greg Kelly's rape accuser -- which we're not linking to because the tab's treatment of sexual violence has been plain. fucking. wrong. -- it seemed like there might not be enough room in today's news cycle for more cringe-inducing coverage. Of anything.

But Runnin' Scared has just been surprised by this recent gem from Gothamist: "Video: Chinese Dad Makes Nearly-Naked Son Exercise On Snowy NYC Street."

The "Eagle dad" responsible for this fatherly fuck-up is trying to make his son man up, but what being Chinese has to do with this -- and why making specific mention of being Chinese in a headline is appropriate -- remains unclear.

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NYPD Should Beware Of Bank Robbers Tomorrow

The New York Daily News is reporting that the NYPD has warned its ranks about what the paper describes as "'Oceans 11'-style burglary gangs" who want to rob banks when they are closed for holidays -- as they will be tomorrow for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Apparently, it's prime time for burglars to get together and plan heists. But what if they are actually Ocean's Twelve-style robbers? Or Ocean's Thirteen guys?

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Colin Myler, New Daily News Editor, Fresh From Scandal-Plagued News of the World

The new guy's got some history.
The New York Daily News is apparently hiring a new Editor-In-Chief, just a year and a half after Kevin Convey took over the job.

But that's not the most interesting thing about today's announcement. It's that Convey's replacement is Colin Myler, the last editor to preside over the News of the World before it collapsed in an epic phone-hacking scandal.

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Daily News Publishes Tasteful Naked Photo of Truman Capote

The New York Daily News launched a blog about literature and publishing today called Page Views. So far it has three posts: one introductory post from each editor and also a nude photo of Truman Capote lounging in a towel. As if a tabloid with a lit blog wasn't novel enough!

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'Child's Foot' Found on Queens Lawn Is Not, Actually

Not the foot found; not a real foot, either.
Earlier today, both the Daily News and the New York Post reported the gruesome news that what appeared to be a toddler's foot had been discovered by an unlucky fellow taking out the trash in Queens. "That's somebody's baby!" the Post quoted a horrified woman as saying. Fortunately, that was not correct, and, frankly, a little bit sensational. The New York Times quotes the Medical Examiner's Office: "Our anthropologists examined it," Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the office, said. "It's still unclear what it is, but it's definitely not a human foot."

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Does Today's Daily News Cover Outdo Yesterday's Post?

daily news craps cover 2.jpg

That's quite the photo.

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