New York Magazine's Website Is Down


It's not just you -- New York magazine's website is down. Right now, when you go to the homepage, it advertises links to "Magazines," "Teen Magazine," "Women Magazine," and inexplicably, "Golf Magazine." It's an placeholder page, automatically generated when there is a technical problem on the back-end of the website.

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Anthony Weiner Media Coverage Becomes the Latest Dick-Centric Weinergate Angle

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As interest in Anthony Weiner's penis and the dirty messages that brought it out to play begins to wane, we focus instead on the media coverage of Anthony Weiner, thereby proliferating Anthony Weiner coverage. Hm! It's a conundrum, especially for those who go on television to proclaim, "The degree of piling on: the way it hijacks cable news, the way it hijacks the morning shows, the way it is all over the Internet says to me that we are more interested in covering salacious topics than matters of the economy, on matters of war and peace," while simultaneously writing for a news organization doing just that. Oh, hello there -- Howard Kurtz, is that you? Why yes, it is. More on this Weiner-centric balancing act in Press Clips, our daily media column, as well as news bits on New York magazine and the Wall Street Journal's shrinking local circulation.

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NY Mag, Yahoo, Mediaite, CNN, and Gawker Media: A Manic Monday's Media Moves

Remember, remember, the 15th of November. The world of media gigs spins, and with it, our heads. How are New York Magazine, Mediaite, Business Insider, CNN, and Gawker Media intricately tied together today? If you get motion sickness easily, well, you probably shouldn't be reading this on a moving vehicle. Press Clips, Day 21, Manic Monday Media Moves Madness Edition, here we go. CORRECTION/UPDATED.

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Press Clips: Do Not Let Robert Thomson Behead Anyone This Week, Please

VICTORY! for a New York City newspaper, while the rest are going down, down, in an earlier round. A new, familiar byline at New York's Vulture, and a new, familiar byline at AgencySpy. The iPad is still just The iPad, but Twitter is definitely still Twitter. Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast is still Howard Kurtz. Let's all hack the New Yorker! Press Clips, Day 15, Late and Mostly Scandal-Free Edition, right here.
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Press Clips: Does the New York Observer Have a Dealbreaker?

The Village Voice's media column makes its triumphant return after a hiatus; contrary to non-popular belief, we have not been purchased by AOL or -- like every other media reporter in New York, apparently -- changed jobs. Press Clips, Day 10, Late Afternoon Edition, right here:

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Yes: The New Yorker's Nick Denton Profile is On The Way

Earlier this week, after New York magazine published a profile of Gawker Media owner/blog kingpin Nick Denton in their "Who Runs New York?" issue, it was asked by the New York Observer's Nate Freeman: "Did New York Scoop The New Yorker with its Nick Denton Profile?" Freeman noted of the forthcoming New Yorker profile of Denton by Ben McGrath (that we shed light on here a few months back):

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Wall Street Journal Hits New High of Bitchiness, Calling Out Spelling Errors

Copy errors. They happen to the worst of us, and sometimes, those much better than your usual poorly edited suspects. But is it really necessary for one publication to call another publication out on -- of all things -- a spelling error?

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Press Clips, Day 8, Lunch Edition: New York vs. The New Yorker Cage Match Edition

Pictured: a figurative portrait of New York Observer senior editor Christian Lorentzen.
Press Clips has returned to the roost, and we're starting the week off with great news, great media squabbles, hypocrisy, and self-awareness. In other words, your Monday Media Proctology Exam has arrived. 200 people who care about these kinds of things, do enjoy:

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Big Questions via Gchat: Woman Falls on Train Tracks, Daily News Scores Cell Phone Pic

Another person fell onto the subway tracks in New York City yesterday. This time, a heroic train operator avoided tragedy, slamming on the breaks at the Fifth Ave. and 59th St. station just before hitting the woman. This story is on the cover of Sunday's Daily News. It is an amazing story! But some questions remain -- too much for any one blogger -- so we brought in a special guest to work through the issues at hand. Runnin' Scared, please welcome New York weekend warrior Mike Vilensky:

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Press Clips, Afternoon Edition, Day 1: An Exercise In Branding

And now, for something not-at-all different! I'm gonna start picking off some of my favorite media stories of the day, and throwing them in a new column with an old name: Press Clips. Maybe you've heard of it? I'm not nearly as attractive as the last guy, but I smile pretty. Anyway, we'll do this twice a day, once in the morning, once at night. We'll save the bigger stories for their own posts. Ready? Okay. Here we go:More »